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RHA Requests RCSD Withdraw Bill

Rossmoor Homeowners Association - Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957
Rossmoor Homeowners Association – Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957

Last Thursday (2/25/2021) the RCSD board held a special meeting to discuss if they should request our State Assemblywoman, Janet Nguyen, to submit a bill which would give the RCSD the power to request “Latent Powers” over the contracts for our police, animal care, street sweeping, and garbage collection. This bill, if passed, would exempt the RCSD from the oversight of our county LAFCO agency.

While the Latent Powers concept may not be a bad one, the RHA believes that the closed door process the RCSD followed to create and advance the legislation was not in the best interest of Rossmoor residents and that we should wait until the public has had an opportunity to understand what is being done. We have requested that the RCSD withdraw its request to the California Legislature and take the time to inform the community, determine whether there community is support for the actions.

The letter we sent to RCSD President Barke today (3/1/2021) is here.

12 Responses

  1. Thank you, Art, for all you do for Rossmoor and the RHA. As you know I am also a member of the RHA. I am not aware that RHA members were consulted on this resolution passed by the RHA Board. There are several inaccuracies in the RHA resolution.
    1. We did not hold an emergency meeting. It was a special meeting. There was no emergency. The special meeting was not necessary but I requested this meeting in order to update the new members of the RCSD Board on activity that had been discussed with the prior board before we asked Assemblywomen Nguyen to submit a placeholder bill before the legislation deadline.
    2. The bill does not give RCSD latent powers or any additional authority. Rather, it would give us the option of obtaining latent powers in various areas of desired local control, but this could only happen with a vote of the RCSD Directors.
    3. The bill would not exempt RCSD from oversight. We would still require close cooperation from the County Board of Supervisors as they currently hold all the contracts and authority.
    4. Any latent powers would be subject to a vote of all RCSD Directors not unlike everything we currently have authority over such as trees and parks.
    5. This bill is simply a placeholder bill that would allow us to get on the legislative calendar and then we would need to work with our Supervisor (to be determined in the upcoming election) and other elected officials to further write and refine the bill and then help it get passed through various committees etc.

    Jeff Barke, President RCSD

  2. Thank you. Town Halls are needed to explain the practical & monetary implications. Thank you, RHA.

    1. That is exactly what we are asking for from the RCSD. We (the residents of Rossmoor) want to know and understand what is being requested and why it is being requested.

  3. Why is the RCSD sending items to the CA Legislature regarding Rossmoor. And with no discussion with those of us who live in Rossmoor. What time and day did you have your special meeting ?

  4. I also do not really understand the full implications of this bill, or the motivation behind it. As a Rossmoor homeowner, I demand a complete explanation of all its implications. This should be submitted to a vote by all residents.

  5. Thank you Jeff for providing the additional information. The RHA is not necessarily opposed to RCSD obtaining expanded authority in some areas, but we would like a full and open presentation to the community of the matter before the district obtains legal authority to move forward. Rossmoor has been around for 62 years as an unincorporated community and waiting one more year so that RCSD can brief the community and obtain its support is a reasonable diversion.
    Ralph Vartabedian
    RHA president

  6. Remember 2008 when Supervisor Moorlach & a small group of residents promoted the Incorporation plan, ending in a failed vote by 72% residents rejecting the idea. Now instead of going through the regular & equitable LAFCO process of financial reviews, community meetings, etc. the RCSD found another way to get around this by going directly to the State legislature and gaining the legal power to add services by a vote of RCSD Board alone without the approval of the residents! This plan has been in the works for several years now & President Jeff Barke wants this completed by ramming it through at the last minute to put the plan in motion!
    Thanks RHA for being our watchdog!
    Del Clark

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