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RHA Proposes Redesign of Waste Collection System

Cr&Amp;R Waste Carts With New Lids

After hearing feedback from the community on the new waste collection system currently being put in place by CR&R and discussing various options, the RHA sent a proposed change in the system to Supervisor Do and the County for consideration.

The feedback is based on what many in the community see as a reduction in service for our residents. The new system provides three carts, one for each category of waste that is collected: recycled waste, green waste, and general non-recycled waste. In the past, customers could use all three carts on any given week if they had a large volume of green waste or recyclable waste, or general waste.

The new system with the fixed designation of carts by the color of the lid leaves customers with only a single cart for each category. In times of heavy pruning or leaf drop, many customers in the past filled all three undesignated containers with green waste, so the new system clearly reduces the volume of green waste a customer can put out on any given week.

Additionally, CR&R stated at a public information meeting held by the Rossmoor Community Services District last year that it would supply a fourth cart for green waste at a customer’s request at no charge. In fact, the company is charging for that additional bin.

Our proposal is a very simple redesign of the CR&R system, in which it would provide three carts that can be designated with a placard on the carts that indicate the type of waste in the cart. This would allow residents to select which carts are for which type of waste collection on a week-to-week basis.

We believe this proposal would improve service to CR&R’s customers and actually reduce costs.


The full text of the letter sent to Supervisor Do can be found here.

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