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RHA Objects To Proposed Redistricting Plan

Mapdot | OurrossmoorThe Rossmoor Homeowners Association Board has unanimously opposed the proposed redistricting plan that would separate Rossmoor from the rest of Orange County and include us with the districts that represent Long Beach.

The full text of the letter that was submitted to the Citizens Redistricting Commission is here

For additional information on redistricting, please see the Commission’s website at We Draw The Lines


If you’d like to watch or participate or understand how the process is unfolding during their live sessions, click here and then click the LIVE Meeting link

10-27 UPDATE:

The ongoing meetings are listed here. You can click through and see the updated visualizations (maps) and then leave comments on those maps.

2 Responses

  1. Rossmoor is geographically inside the Orange County boundary not the Los Angeles County boundary. Therefore, all of Rossmoor’s critical services are provided by Orange County entities.
    Rossmoor needs to be, once again, represented (at all levels and spheres) by Orange County local citizens (residents) and I oppose all efforts for Rossmoor to be redistricted into Los Angeles County.

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