Our Rossmoor - Celebrating 65 Exceptional Years

RHA has new officers and a new board member.

The RHA board on June 15 elected new officers at its regular monthly board meeting. Art Remnet was elected president effective July 1.

Art is a longstanding member of the board and has operated the RHA’s website for many years, along with contributing significantly to RHA’s many community events. “The RHA is in good hands with Art,” said outgoing president Ralph Vartabedian.

The other officers are: Marian Last, first vice president; Frank Facey second vice president; Pei-Pei Kelman, treasurer; Ralph Vartabedian, secretary.

The RHA board also gained a new member. Kevin Pearce received enough votes to join the board after the recent RHA board elections.

RHA thanks its many members who cast votes in the election and who have volunteered through the past year to make RHA a vital force watching out for the quality of life in the community.

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