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RHA Bylaw Update – Audit Committee

Rha Bylaw Update

During our regular November RHA meeting, the RHA Board of Directors unanimously approved a revision to the Association Bylaws that creates and formalizes the Audit Committee and separates out the duties of the committee from those of the Budget Committee.

These changes were recommended during our annual audit and will strengthen the internal checks and balances of the Association.

Additionally, the requirements to being a Director of the Association were clarified.

In accordance with our Bylaws, we are providing these proposed changes to the membership at least 20 days prior to our next regular meeting so that the membership can vote on these changes at the regular January 16, 2024 Board Meeting at Rossmoor Park.

Our current bylaws can be found here.

And the proposed Board approved  changes can be found here.

Any questions can be submitted via our contact page, or brought up at our January meeting.


Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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