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Reminder Signs Popping Up All Over

Rossmoor Sweeping: 1St &Amp; 3Rd Mondays Odd Addresses &Amp; 1St &Amp; 3Rd Tuesdays Even Addresses
Rossmoor Sweeping: 1St &Amp; 3Rd Mondays Odd Addresses &Amp; 1St &Amp; 3Rd Tuesdays Even Addresses

True to their word, OC Public Works has been adding these No Parking reminder signs to blocks throughout the neighborhood. We are fortunate to have such a high-quality, responsive, and conscientious Public Works Department working on our behalf.

These new signs are placed at the beginning of each block (intersection) for that side of the street. This first wave of signs appears to be in the north part of the tract, but there are signs installed on parts of Tucker and other more southern areas as well.

You can expect signs like these to be installed on your block within the next few weeks. In total there will be 400-500 of these reminder signs installed in Rossmoor to help us all remember which specific days we need to remove our vehicles (and waste carts) from the street.

And remember, this is not just for the sweepers. The sweepers are helping to keep debris and pollutants out of our storm channels and Seal Beach (where the water in our storm channels ends up).

Please do your part – remember to move your vehicle from ODD sides of the street on the first and third MONDAY and from the EVEN side on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesdays each month. If you lose track, you can walk to the end of the block for a reminder.

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