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Orange County Redistricting 2021

Orange County
2021 Redistricting In Orange County

As the Census Bureau prepares to release our first in-depth look at the demographic statistics from the 2020 Census, the independent California Citizens Redistricting Commission is preparing to adjust and redraw our legislative voting districts.

The Commission was created by the voters in November 2008 when we passed the Voters FIRST Act. The Commission initially worked on the 2010 Census redistricting.

The mid-August Census data release will provide the first look at the demographic characteristics of the nation by state, county, and city (down to the census block level), including:

  • Race and ethnicity.
  • Voting-age population.
  • Occupied and vacant housing units.
  • People living in group quarters like nursing homes, prisons, military barracks, and college dorms.

“While the primary purpose of these data is for states to redraw their districts, these statistics will also tell us how many people live in each county, in each city, and in each block,” said James Whitehorne, chief of the Census Bureau’s Redistricting and Voting Rights Data Office.

How You Can Help

The Orientation video below is a great introduction to the redistricting process for our state

Please Add Your Thougths

We ask that you personally get involved by taking the 3 easy steps found here on the We Draw The Lines CA website.

The most important step is to go to the Draw My California website and describe the Rossmoor Community for the Commission here. There are no wrong answers, so describe Rossmoor however you’d like. This critical section helps the Commission understand who Rossmoor is to you, which neighborhoods we should be grouped with, what unites us as a neighborhood, and what matters to you about Rossmoor.

The documentation for the Draw My California tool is here and may be helpful to review before you visit the form above.

There is a limited time window to submit our input. The deadline is in Spetember. Please add your input today!

Public Meetings

There are two Orange County-centric virtual public meetings scheduled where we are invited to provide public comments about Rossmoor and the surrounding areas. The first is on Saturday, July 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (agenda here) and the second is on Wednesday, September 1st. At the present time, there is no agenda posted for the September meeting.

If you do want to attend the meeting and speak, you can make an appointment here for the 7/24 meeting.

2 Responses

  1. You state that providing input is easy and mostly painless. I disagree.
    Attempting to do so, I get a choice of start tutorial or skip tutorial for each section. If I choose skip, I’m asked for my email and a password- is this supposed to be a pre-existing password? Or am I creating new? Who am I giving this to?
    If I choose to start tutorial I get a small window with 1 1/2 paragraphs of tutorial and it won’t scroll to the rest of it.
    Why do they need us to research census data to describe our community- isn’t that their job- our yours, the RHA?
    If you want us to submit individual testimonials, why not provide us with the requested data- then we can ADD personal insights.

    1. Hi Jeff and thanks for writing.

      The link is the California Citizens Redistricting Commission’s website (https://www.WeDrawtheLinesCA.org/) and the request for input comes from them. We (the RHA) are not colleting any information.

      I will pass along your ease of use concerns and ask you to do the same either from the contact on the site above, or emailing them to votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov

      My take on the reasons the Commission is asking us (the people in the state) to provide our input is to help them better understand what we think our community is. Who do we believe should be part of our districts? We are part of a US Congressional District, a State Senate District, a State Assembly District, and a Supervisorial District that are all likely to change boundaries based on the soon-to-be released population information.

      I hope helps clarify the reason we are spreading the California Citizens Redistricting Commission’s request for information.

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