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RCSD To Delay Legislation

Rossmoor Community Services District - RcsdThe Rossmoor Community Services District has decided to delay its efforts to obtain the option of enhanced powers that could give it control of the contracts for garbage collection,  law enforcement, animal control, street sweeping and other functions. It has asked Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen to withdraw legislation at this time to accomplish the goal. RCSD said it will work with Assemblywoman Nguyen’s legislative staff to craft language that will help improve the likelihood of success and will resubmit the bill at a later date.
RCSD president Jeff Barke tells us that the legislative process was more complicated  than he realized and success was not certain with the language in the proposed Assembly bill.  He wants to be sure that it will be successful when the district makes the effort.
The Rossmoor Homeowners Association applauds the  decision to delay the process by a year. RHA asked in a board approved resolution that the process be delayed, not because RHA necessarily opposes enhanced powers but because RCSD had not yet gained broad consensus in  the community before moving forward.
We hope that the delay allows RCSD to develop a well thought out plan that can explain why enhanced powers will make the community a better  place and how the district would handle and pay for the additional administrative workload of contracting out the services. Once it gains strong community support, it can move forward on a stronger footing.

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