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Questions About Pickleball in Rossmoor

Pickleball In Rossmoor
Pickleball In Rossmoor Questions

There have been a lot of conversations in Rossmoor over the past year, maybe longer, about the Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) bringing pickleball courts to Rossmoor. The community has discussed several options, and there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

The RHA had some questions that we think should be answered prior to the RCSD starting another pickleball trial on court one of the tennis courts in Rossmoor Park. We posed the questions to RCSD General Manager Joe Mendoza and the Board of Directors prior to their meeting on January 10, 2023, where a discussion about this 90-day trial is on the agenda for consideration.

Please read our letter and if you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us or giving us a call: 562.799.1401

4 Responses

  1. Are you guys doing anything to lessen the pickleball noise? It’s most irritating to hear the loud pickleball at night time. It’s becoming a nuisance every night and morning! It use to be nice to walk my dog around Rossmoor park after dinner but now I can’t stand the sound of it. Please! Help make our neighborhood more pleasant. This pickle ball belongs at and indoor facility or somewhere far away from a residential area. Not at a park that is surrounded by homes! If you are listening, then please do something to fix the problem.

    1. Hi Lisa and thanks for sharing your concerns.

      Many in the neighborhood around Rossmoor Park have expressed and continue to express their frustration regarding our Community Services District’s continued push to replace one of the four Rossmoor tennis courts with 4 pickleball courts. Questions about the sound levels, and compatibility of pickleball with tennis when it comes to environmental noise, along with the probable impacts to parking/congestion and the lack of transparency with regard to the costs associated with the pickleball trial (already over $10,000 that we can determine) and the current rush to implementation.

      The Community Services District’s General Manager and Board of Directors continue to be unresponsive to both our Association’s questions and those of the public. The one thing that has been clear from the beginning is that they will install pickleball in Rossmoor Park – regardless of community input or concerns.

      Why is pickleball so important to put in at Rossmoor Park at this specific time and what is the cost?

      Unfortunately, this is where the Rossmoor community – the people who live in Rossmoor – have to stand together and say STOP to the CSD Board we collectively elect. STOP ignoring resident concerns. STOP doing what you want because you can. STOP spending millions of our tax dollars each year solely on and park and facility maintenance and parkway trees.

  2. My husband and I, along with our neighbors were enjoying playing pickle ball weekly at Rossmoor park.
    My husband and I used to be tennis players and have loved being able to be active at 65 and one hip replacement!
    We understand the concerns about noise, especially at night. We all deal with the parks being busy with kids sports and Youth Center day care and the noise that goes along with it.

    I think most people didn’t know about the test period and there would have been many more people. We started going to Seal Beach Tennis Center when the Rossmoor test ended. They have converted 4 Tennis courts and they are always full vs. the tennis courts only getting full use during school tournaments.
    I would support having limited hrs of pickle ball just to have it be local and get locals to be able to play close to home. 10:00 am to 5 or 6:00 pm is better than nothing. This sport is getting popular with all ages.
    We have been Rossmoor residents since 1995 and have 4 kids that went thru all schooling here.
    Thank you, Julie Bush and Tom Gibbons

    1. Thanks for your input and consideration for the park neighbors Julie.

      While the formal test period ended, the CSD Board approved the temporary courts staying in place until the details on permanent conversion of court 1 could be worked out.

      There are currently four pickleball courts available for walk on or reservations at Rossmoor Park.

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