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CA Proposition 68 – Parks Capital Project Grant

On June 5, 2018, voters passed Proposition 68 by 57.6 percent.  The $4 billion “Parks, Environment, and Water Bond Act of 2018” is detailed in Division 45 of the Public Resources Code.

Programs Appropriated in 2018/19 and 2019/20 Budget Acts Included

This is the source of grant funding that Rossmoor’s CSD often refers to as “Prop 68 Grant” and the state refers to it as “2018 Parks Bond Act.”

Funds are available for local park rehabilitation, creation, and improvement grants to local governments on a per capita basis. Grant recipients are encouraged to utilize awards to rehabilitate existing infrastructure and to address deficiencies in neighborhoods lacking access to the outdoors.

For a general overview of the grant and ways it can be used, see the State’s FAQ’s

The Per Capita category is a non-competitive grant, meaning that Rossmoor is automatically allocated a portion of the bond money for park improvements. The money is allocated by the State of California to the Counties, and then divided proportionally to all who are eligible, per the grant guidelines. The State per capita allocation table by County can be seen here.

This first category, designed to “jump start” development in areas who (for various reasons) have not been able to afford improvements, eliminate the “competitive edge” associated with most grants.  Subsequently, additional rounds of competitive funding were announced, allowing jurisdictions to “build onto” the original visions and CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) projects. To our knowledge, the CSD did not apply for any of the subsequent rounds of the Prop 68 Grant.

Applying for the initial funding, was a multi-part process, described in the Procedural Guide. The original program timelines have been extended, allowing all communities to complete their projects.

The first step to accepting the State Bond Money was with a Board of Directors Resolution, affirming their qualification for receiving the funding, their project intentions, and support of the project manager. 

Because Rossmoor’s grant is for Capital Project reimbursements, the State requires an acknowledgement that the community has sufficient funds to complete the projects, and will be reimbursed, per terms of the contract. 

The procedural guide can be accessed under the program eligibility here.

Rossmoor’s CSD initiated the grant process by resolution 19-12-10-01 on December 10, 2019.

The rest of the application packet includes financial information, as well as descriptive information and documentation as to the ownership of the park property. You can find additional details on the CA State Parks Per Capita Program, here

As with all grants, there is also a contractual agreement, with all terms and conditions needing to be met. These terms and conditions include the specifics about how the money will be used. Most government grants are intended to help “disadvantaged” communities, and this is the case with the Prop 68 grant as well.  If a community is found to be not disadvantaged based on the state’s OGALS database, then a 20% match is required from the applying agency.  

Both Rush Park and Rossmoor Park were found to not be disadvantaged (see the Rush Project Area and Rossmoor Project Area per capita maps) and therefore require a 20% match for the grant projects.

The Contracts & Numbers

Given this background, we can now start to look at the contracts and the numbers for the Prop 68 grant.

In January 2022, the District entered into two contracts with the State of California. 

The First Contract

The first of these contracts (C9801466) was included the District’s full allocation of $177,952 based on the State’s per capita allocation table referenced above.

The contract contains two projects, 18-30-050 for Rush Park and 18-30-051 for Rossmoor Park.

Each of these projects has its own Application, Development Scope, Funding Source (no funding source was available for Rush Park) and Site Map, which further details the specific amounts allocated to each project, the types of work to be included, the funding sources, and locations of the specific work. The project amounts are summarized in the table below.

The Second Contract

The second of these contracts (C9802192) was for and additional $6,261 in grant funding for project 18-30-52. There are no specific project details available for this contract. The reimbursements provide additional details.


Grant Request Grant Match Grant Total
$ 6,261



What's It All Mean?

If you have ever worked with a grant, you know they typically have very detailed requirements for completing the work and reporting on the work that the grant pay for, or in this case reimburses the District.

As the table above shows, the District is eligible to receive $190,474 from the State via Prop 68 providing that they contribute $46,054 from District funds because neither project site qualifies as disadvantaged. This is clearly shown in the project documentation included above.

The project documents state that the scope of work to be completed is:

  •  18-30-050 – Rush Park will be renovated by resurfacing the parking lot, replacing play equipment and play surfacing, adding AV equipment in the auditorium and replacing the AC in the administration building.
  • 18-30-051 – Rossmoor Park will be renovated by resurfacing parking, basketball and tennis courts, replacing play equipment, play surfacing, backstops, dugout benches and flooring. And installing a new shelter, canopy and concrete pad.
Since this is a reimbursement grant, the work has to be completed, the work documented (before and after photos, completed permits when needed, etc.) and the projects need to be opened to the public for regular use, prior to receiving all of the funds from the State.

Next Steps

The next steps include completing the items listed in the project documents, documenting the work and applying for the money from the grant.

Along the way, the State requires status or progress updates every 6 months. This allows the State to monitor the progress of the projects. When the grant projects have been completed, an inspector from the State will come to our parks to see first hand the capital projects that the grant has helped pay for. 

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