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Our June ’24 Community Conversation was AMAZING!

Our June ’24 Community Conversation was a smash hit!
UCI MIND presented at Bethlehem Lutheran Church definitely did not disappoint! 
Over 40 members of our community engaged with Dr. Witbracht and her Research Associate Eunji Russ as they shared information on the most current research in the field, and why the research is so important.
Uci Mind
One of the most meaningful takeaways from the evening (at least from a community engagement perspective) is that UCI has done Alzheimer’s research in OC for over 30 years, and is one of only 35 programs funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 
They are the only NIH Center in Orange County, and they collaborate with many other Alzheimer’s related partner organizations in the area.
After you finish reading this full post, check out UCI Mind’s home website.
Returning to our point about why this is so meaningful to us, and why we are so fortunate to have this program less than 30 miles from our community.
Currently there is no “cure” for Alzheimer’s Disease and the treatments that are available now focus on quality-of-life management of the condition.
UCI MIND aims to find ways to cure, and ultimately prevent dementia-related diseases, and to do so, their research needs healthy people without dementia, to enjoin with them. In other words, why is one person afflicted, yet another is not?
There are some amazing and free resources for both families that feel Alzheimer’s Disease may be present and for caregivers who are helping those with the disease. Check these resources out here.
Also, you can get connected with some monitoring and trial opportunities that are available (with many more to come) based on funding that is currently available for research. 
Also remember, in order to receive money to conduct research, UCI MIND NEEDS PEOPLE, and the more people who participate, the faster their funding becomes available, and the quicker the research – and solutions – happens. Help accelerate their programs and be part of the solutions – some of the opportunities are even web-based surveys and activities. Connect with UCI MIND today, then you can choose to participate in any given study – or not once the study is presented to you.

Rossmoor Community Conversations are driven by community requests. If there’s a community relevant topic that you’d like to hear more about, please let us know. We will do what we can to find a subject matter expert to share in a future Community Conversation. 

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