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OCPW Traffic Improvement Survey

2024 Ocpw Traffic Survey
2024 Ocpw Traffic Survey

Wei Zhu from Orange County Public Works is asking Rossmoor residents to take a short survey and provide their opinions on the proposed traffic improvements planned for Montecito Road. You can take that survey here.

The request is that each Rossmoor residence (household) takes the survey once between now and the January 31st deadline, so that the county can assess public support for the proposed changes.

The changes are a first step toward implementing the county’s Active Transportation Plan that was approved by the County Board of Supervisors back in August 2023. The Active Transportation Plan helps focus on safety for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to vehicles on our streets and in our neighborhoods.


The packet from OC Public Works

2024 Ocpw Rossmoor Traffic Improvement Survey
Click The Image To Take The Oc Public Works Rossmoor Traffic Improvement Survey


22 Responses

  1. Do not do any traffic circles!! A waste of money. Just drive around Alamitos Heights in Long Beach and see how dangerous they are. They make you swerve near the curb, where there can be parked cars and pedestrians. I almost hit 3 boys who were standing in the gutter on their skateboards.
    Orange County should do the OPPOSITE of anything that Long Beach does regarding traffic.

    I drive through Bostonian and Montecito every day at 8 am and 530 pm. All you have to do is stoop at the stop sign.

    1. Thanks Kim. I’m in Long Beach at least 5 days a week (Pilates), and those roundabouts has not improved traffic flow. I also occasionally hit the curbs when I have to use those roundabouts.

      I mention this when I took the survey.

    2. I moved from Alamitos Heights and cannot agree with you more. Too many people don’t know what to do in a roundabout and they don’t really slow people down.

    3. I moved from Alamitos Heights and cannot agree with you more, Kim. Too many people don’t know what to do in a roundabout and they don’t really slow people down.
      I am ADAMENTLY OPPOSED to removing lanes of traffic. It just creates more traffic and people are going to either find a way around the back up, and/or they are going to speed up when they get past the one lane in order to make up the time lost while sitting in traffic because of one single lane. Long Beach has been doing this for years.
      I also agree with those who are commented about actually enforcing traffic, laws and rules of the road. If one gets a ticket, or two, that will change behavior.
      What needs to get done is reducing speed on Bradbury. It is a drag strip between Los Alamitos Boulevard and Montecito. I live on Bradbury and work from home, and I see/hear the traffic all day long. We need marked crosswalks with more lights on Davenport, Weatherby, Wallingford, and Oak Hill. Bradbury is not the most well lit street at night. With the number of speeding cars, I am surprised no pedestrians have been hit yet. Maybe roundabouts on Bradbury would work ? Don’t know. Stop signs and enforcement will.

  2. I do not support any of the suggested “improvements”. This simply improves things for one portion of the community, certainly not everyone. Having grown up in England, I can handle roundabouts, but mini ones with pedestrian activity are dangerous. And as we have been observing recently, the children on bikes and especially e-bikes travel all over the lanes, sometimes (and likely purposely) holding up other traffic. They are unlikely to use larger bike lanes. The only thing that might be a good idea is speed reduction, but without enforcement, this will likely be ignored also. I’m just bring realistic.

    1. Thanks Julie.

      It’s true that most changes that get made “only” help a segment of the population. I didn’t understand the need for the curbs at intersections needing to have a ramp, until I was walking with a friend in a wheelchair. Then it became very apparent to me.

      It’s a great point that sharing the road and following traffic safety rules are something that many of us need to work to improve upon.

      Please be sure to let Wei and her team know on their Rossmoor Community survey

  3. I am the crossing guard at Montecito and Shakespeare. If there is a roundabout installed there will there be no stop signs? Ho will I cross students and parents?

  4. I’ve recently moved here and started biking to the beach on Montecito Rd. The only way to get to the beach is either over Seal Beach Blvd or Los Alamitos Blvd. Both ways require getting over a freeway. From Montecito to Seal Beach Blvd there is not really a bike path till you get to the bridge. I would recommend putting the bike lane on the inside of the parking so it’s dedicated and safe. If you put a bike lane on the outside of the parking, there is no buffer between both moving cars and parked cars. I would also hope you would put the bike lane all the way through to Seal Beach Blvd and then to the right so it will connect with the bridge.

  5. I too do not support these changes. They will lead to more congestion since you are taking away a two lanes from many of the streets. It looks like they want to make Montecito and Bradford mimic Los Alamitos Blvd. The existing roads they show do have bike lanes but park in them making the ineffective. As for the round abouts, ask the residents in Belmont Heights how theirs are working out!

  6. I do not approve the proposed. Traffic Circles in Rossmoor. Have those in favor tried, carefully, navigating those now found in Long Beach? They are an annoyance to navigate for the many reasons posted above by Kim Blumberg.

  7. Bradbury Road:
    Numerous residents of the Rossmoor Townhomes (on the south side of Bradbury between Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Blvd on the east and Montecito Road on the west) have parked on the streets north of Bradbury (Davenport, Weatherby, Wallingsford and Old Mill) for many years, even though parking is provided in the complex and all along the south side of Bradbury, AND that they regularly cross Bradbury illegally (CA Vehicle Code 21955. (a), etc.). In addition to limiting parking for the residents of those four streets, they block street sweeping (because those Townhome residents often are unfamiliar with changing schedules due to holidays, et al). Some have acted hostile if asked to park where they live. Since I bought here in 1979 I have never seen police ticketing a jaywalker. But I have seen a few near-car-vs-pedestrian incidents, including where children were involved. It’s only a matter of time. A permit system doesn’t seem to be popular, perhaps due to the red tape involved. Instead, like the heightened ticketing of those blocking street sweeping, more enforcement should be placed on jaywalking on Bradbury. Signs (ex:) “No Ped Crossing – Use Crosswalk” should be erected on the (new) meridian, at a minimum on the 4 streets (at Bradbury) where there is “regular” pedestrian (illegal) crossing. Most drivers don’t realize they can be sued if they hit a jaywalker. I am sharing this with OC Public Works.

  8. I support the changes to Montecito and Bradbury Rd., but do not agree with adding roundabouts.

    I see people speeding down Montecito regularly and feel that these changes will help reduce speeding. I also feel these changes will help keep pedestrians and bicyclist’s (including e-bikes) safe, and provide them a designated area.

    I see people crossing Bradbury and always worry it’s an accident waiting to happen. Hopefully, the installation of medians will assist with keeping them safe.

  9. Roundabouts are great for the environment, less stopping and starting. They also improve the traffic flow. In 34 years I have rarely seen the need for two lanes on Montecito. Adding a bike lane would make it safer for those that bike and we all know we see more and more bicycles. Pedestrians can cross safely with the assistance of pedestrian awareness lights. This proposal has nothing to do with added housing and I am having a hard time finding a connection to this proposal. It would be nice for those living in Rossmoor on Kempton, Mainway, Tucker etc to get some relief of those parking in front of their homes.

  10. Here’s an idea! instead of spending millions for round abouts, reducing lane numbers Let’s enforce the traffic laws! People should stop at the stop signs. People should not be driving with cell phones in their hands and a bowl of cereal in the other. People should not be making U-turn in the middle of the street people should not be parking on curbs. The School affects traffic for only about 30 minutes a day. These changes will affect traffic permanently and they won’t even solve the problem. Enforce the law we have. I know it’s a concept not many people are used to but why do we start there?

  11. How will the crossing guards cross children in a round about?. All lanes will need to stop ? Vs now, if children not crossing the opposite traffic can go.

  12. Montecito South should be kept as is.

    Refuse pick up in the mornings will block lanes. Bicyclists ride all over the place regardless of bike lanes. Majority on roads are cars. And current conditions will allow future growth and more flexibility. Too much change in road configuration will cause more accidents since drivers range from young to old generation. It’s already difficult to pull out of driveways due to blind spots. What is really needed is more traffic enforcement for speeding, biking. Adding more lines and speed light displays only creates more maintenance for the city. To alleviate street parking, maybe claim a small section of parking lot behind condo complex 12300 and 12400 montecito and declare as eminent domain.

    During school drop off time if changed with center island it would be easily overflowing and thus blocking the only single lane going north bound. More flexibility with current conditions.

    Circles would be to dangerous since many drivers won’t be able deal with cars, bikes and school kids simultaneously!

  13. I fear for my children’s safety if a turn lane is added to Bostonian! We live on the south side of the street along with 3 other families with small children. All of our lots slope toward the street and any errant ball or scooter rolls across the sidewalk and a short way into the street. With the current wide roadway, the traffic gravitates toward the center of the street. If a turn lane were added, it will just waste roadway space and push traffic closer to the sidewalk where my children may be playing.

    Of course we preach to our kids to stay out of the road and not chase anything out into the street, but the temptation is always there to chase after a ball. There is a good deal of traffic on our street, but at least we know that it will be passing by with about 8 feet of space between the traffic and any cars parked at the curb. That space is our safety buffer. If a turn lane is added to the middle of the street, then the traffic will pass 6 feet closer to the curb and effectively remove that safety buffer (in spite of the proposed bike lane).

    This proposed turn lane wound be an incredible waste of roadway. One one side there is just the school lot, so no need to turn in anywhere. On the other side are just a handful of homes (including ours), and it is rare that we ever have to wait for more that one car to pass before turning into our driveways. And it is so rare that traffic is ever behind us waiting for us to turn.

    On most weekends our street gets filled with parked cars for sports activities at the school lot. Those people can park and swing all 4 doors of their cars open without having to worry about passing traffic hitting them. Just imagine half of a soccer team piling out of a big SUV, because that is exactly what happens. Now imagine adding a turn lane to force the passing traffic within inches of those kids jumping out of those vehicles.

    I do not support any of the proposed changes. The proposed traffic circles aren’t even really traffic circles. They are just a round median put in the middle of an intersection. The STOP signs would be replaced with YIELD signs, and left turning cars will now just have to swerve around a median. Everyone else will just blow through the intersections. When crossing guards do block one lane of traffic, they will effectively be blocking all 4 directions. If this cause delay to morning commuters, they will just start going to different exit routes and add to traffic on those neighborhood streets. Currently, the crossing guards can stay on one corner and block the traffic on both sides of the intersection. Making a traffic circle will take that away, and they’ll have to walk back-and-forth across Montecito to get the kids over Bostonian. This is just going to slow things down in the mornings.

    The proposed traffic circles may get more attention, but I really do fear what adding turn lanes to Bostonian and upper Montecito might do. We have such nice wide roadway, and I can’t fathom why we would chop 12 feet out of the center of it to add a turn lane that will be so rarely used.

  14. I see nothing proposed to remedy the parking issues and difficulty in getting the streets swept in the areas of Montecito between Bradbury and Druid. Permits and enforcement may be the only way to affect this problem.
    .With regards to reducing lanes on Montecito that will create more problems than benefits.
    I have lived in Rossmoor for many years and can remember when Bradbury was on wide lane in each direction separated by a double yellow line with parking on both sides of the street. It currently is configured as 1 lane in each direction with a 2 way left turn lane and bike lanes and curb parking in both directions. In spite of this configuration there are still concerns with speed. With this being the case why would anybody think that reconfiguring Montecito in the same way will affect any speeding concerns – It Will Not!
    I recently drove the path of Hedwig from Los Alamitos Bl all the way through where Hedwig turns into Foster and the turns into Yellowtail. This is a total distance of 2 and a half miles and consists of one lane in each direction and curb parking on both sides of the street, During my drive I counted 24 signs posted to “Slow Down”. I the drove on St Cloud through to where it turns into Montecito and then turns into Orangewood which is a distance of 1 and a half miles. It is configured as 2 lanes in each direction separated by a double yellow line with curb parking on both sides from what I believe is the point where it canges to Montecito and continues through to Orangewood all the way to Los Alamitos Bl. On this route I counted 9 “Slow Down” signs. These signs are placed by resident in the community who are concerened about vehicles traveling too fast. Reducing a 2 lane street in each direction down to 1 lane in each direction doesn’t appear to be improving the situation.
    Drivers are going to have to drive at a safe speed and those that don’t should be cited accordingly.
    Again, enforcement is going to make the difference here. There is no need to reconfigure any of the streets as proposed as it doen’t seem to work.

  15. Do not Make any changes, Period! Everything works great as is. This is another grab from contractors to spend money with no improvement. Construction in our neighborhood for the next umpteen years so someone can line their pockets. Always some other BS going on around here. No thank you!

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