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2022 Street Sweeping Schedule

After years of discussions, debates, and delays, the RCSD, and Supervisor Katrina Foley were able to get the County Board of Supervisors to change the Rossmoor street sweeping ordinance to provide for alternate side sweeping.

Moving Vehicles and Waste Carts From Streets is Critical

Unfortunately, for every vehicle parked on the street on sweeping day, the sweepers have to maneuver the length of two cars to safely service the street; leaving over 40 feet un-swept. Help keep our oceans, streets, and storm drains clean by keeping our sweeping services effective; please reference your street’s days of service (map below) and move parked cars and waste carts between the hours of 8:30 am & 4:30 pm on these days.

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Simple, Straight Forward Schedule

The new sweeping schedule is fairly simple:

  • 1st & 3rd Mondays ODD addresses get swept
  • 1st & 3rd Tuesdays EVEN addresses get swept

If either day is a holiday, sweeping will occur on the following Wednesday.

But What's a Holiday?

There is always some confusion around what is a holiday for sweeping versus a Federal or State holiday.

Our sweeping contractor, Sunset Property Services  DOES sweep on both Martin Luther King Day in January and on President’s Day in February.  While both are national holidays, street sweeping WILL occur on both days. Please do not park in front of ODD-addressed homes on either of these days.

When a recognized holiday like July 4th occurs on a Monday or Tuesday, then the sweeping will occur on Wednesday of the same week.

2022 Street Sweeper No Parking Signs In Rossmoor Ca

Why Sweep the Streets?

Since street sweeping is designed to help keep pollutants out of our oceans, it’s really in all of our best interest to move our vehicles (and trash carts) from the street so the sweepers have a clear path to do their work. 

Here’s the 2022 sweeping schedule and some additional information from the RCSD and Sunset Property Services who provide the sweeping services.

The RHA Calendar has the dates by month adjusted for holidays as well.

Sweeping Map (Click for more detail)

What Didn't Change...

And, just in case you need a financial incentive to do the “right thing” OCSD parking enforcement will ticket vehicles parked in the street between 8:30 and 4:30 on sweeping days. This is nothing new, but at least now you have a place to park in Rossmoor.

2022 Street Sweeping Schedule
Photo Courtesy Of Joanne Schnee Levy

6 Responses

    1. Thanks for asking Jerry.

      We apologize for the confusion. It appears that the RCSD page you referenced has not been completely updated – they have the current regular sweeping schedule listed but the holiday schedule is from the previous contract before we went to odd/even sweeping.

      Sweeping for ODD addresses will take place on Wednesday THIS WEEK.

  1. The switch to Tuesday for even addresses was poorly advertised. This is a complete failure of leadership in the RHA.

    I personally have never received a parking ticket from street sweeping day but have seen multiple neighbors new and old to the community (who are actively helping the community) receive tickets due to the lack of communication from the RHA leadership.

    How are the elderly supposed to know when you don’t communicate to them via the proper channels (i.e. flyers, face to face, etc.)? How are brand new neighbors supposed to know when you don’t tell them in an effective and timely manner?

    I’ve lived here for 34 years and have seen NO forms of communication on this subject before or after January 2022 when this was promulgated.

    1. Hi James and thanks for your comments.

      A few thoughts.

      While the RHA (we are a volunteer community group) did support the change to odd/even street sweeping days, it was our Community Services District (CSD, who are a governmental agency tasked with keeping our parks, trees, and facilities maintained and up-to-date) that fought for the change with the County for nearly a decade.

      And then the Orange County Board of Supervisors discussed and approved the ordinance change back in the fall of 2021. There were multiple publicized public meetings, newspaper articles, postcard mailings, emails, and hours of CSD meetings discussing the issues and potential solutions.

      Additionally, there are now more than 400 new no parking signs posted throughout Rossmoor, at least one on every single street, in each direction that notify residents and visitors of the street sweeping days and hours. In addition, there are signs at most entrances to Rossmoor as well.

      While these changes may have come as a surprise to you, at least the signage on your street should help.

      The schedule has been since January 2022, the first and third Mondays ODD addresses are swept and the first and third Tuesdays, EVEN addresses are swept.

      I hope this helps.

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