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New Red Light Cameras in Los Al

Los Al Red Light Camera
New Red Light Cameras In Los Al

Three new red-light photo enforcement cameras are slated for installation in the near future. 

This initiative aims to enhance the existing system at Los Alamitos Boulevard and Katella Avenue, completing traffic monitoring for all lanes and approaches.

The intersection was originally selected based on the high traffic volume, as Katella Avenue at Los Alamitos Boulevard is recognized as one of the busiest intersections in all of Orange County. 

The installation is expected to be completed mid-March. During the initial 30-day monitoring period, violators will be issued a warning letter notifying them of the violation. After the 30-day period, citations will be issued to violators.

6 Responses

    1. Hi OT.

      I believe once they are complete, the new camera set up will cover all 4 directions including the left turn lanes.

      Currently, I believe the cameras only cover west bound Katella and the west bound Katella to south bound Los Al Blvd lights.

      1. The problems with these cameras are false positives and, in some states and cities, corruption by officials using the cameras as a revenue generation system. Corrupted officials do this by changing the timings of the green and yellow lights to “catch” more red-light runners.
        To prevent such accusations, the timers displaying seconds until yellow light should be added tot he traffic lights. Also just in case the citizens should be driving with dashcams to catch questionable situations !

        1. Thanks for the observations OT.

          The camera system has been in place for a long time. The expansion in coverage is at least somewhat based on some of the very dangerous red light runs that have been observed on video from the intersection.

          You (or anyone else) can feel free to contact the Los Al PD (562-594-7232) and ask for details on the system and discuss your concerns. My experience is that the Department is very accessible and open to conversation.

  1. Does anyone know when the new system was installed? I got a citation that should have fallen in the monitoring period if mid-March is accurate

    1. Hi Fred.

      Bummer. I’m sorry to hear that you got a citation.

      I’d think it would depend on which light the citation was issued from. The westbound Katella left turn onto Los Al going south and westbound Katella crossing Los Al have been in place for a long time so it is unlikely that there would be any grace on those lights.

      The new cameras are installed (since mid-March) both at Los Al / Katella (all directions) and at Bloomfield / Katella (all Katella lights) and I expect they are giving at least warnings.

      I’ll see if I can get some clarity on the timing on the citations vs warnings from the PD.

      The intent of the cameras is to make one of the busiest intersections in all of Orange County safer by getting people to stop for all red lights.

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