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New Crosswalk in Rossmoor

Thanks to a concerned parent, Jack Megorden, who wrote to our Supervisor, Andrew Do to request the county install a new crosswalk at the corner of Foster and Silverwood near the Lee School Kindergarten building. 

The request as made in August a few weeks after after the school year had started and the dangerous conditions at the intersection had been observed by Mr. Megorden.

When the county traffic engineers reviewed the intersection they agreed that a new crosswalk would make the intersection safer and created the Public Works work order to install the crosswalk. 

Thanks to Mr. Megorden, Supervisor Do’s office, the OC County traffic engineers, and OC Public works for making Rossmoor safer for everyone.

Well done!

New Crosswalk At Foster And Silverwood, Near Lee School
New Crosswalk At Foster And Silverwood, Near Lee School

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