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3 Easy Neighborhood Watch Tips You Can Use Today

3 Neighborhood Watch Tips: 

It’s well known that most criminals repeat actions and patterns that work. 

When we as neighbors report anything that is not normal and compare notes with each other:

  1.  We proactively put perimeters of “defense” up (i.e. “don’t think that your casing our homes will keep working in our neighborhood), 
  2. Criminals really don’t want to get caught, so in time, they will stay out of our neighborhood because we team up with the OCSD to catch them.
  3. The OCSD remains the “keeper of the info” – they are the ones who are “building” the patterns of behavior to “proactively” stop and catch the criminals. This is a key to remember.
Our Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch

It makes sense that even if Rossmoor had an army of sheriff department deputies in the area 24/7, our eyes (the eyes of the residents) and awareness would always be MORE

Of course, all this goes without saying, if you see something, call the sheriff’s department, and do not jeopardize your own safety

And please do report suspicions — nothing is too trivial. OCSD: 714-647-7000. (If it is a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1)

Some of us have actually memorized the number and/or saved it on our phones so that we don’t need to look for it when we need it most.

Please look around when you leave your home and when you return. Look at the vehicles parked in front of your home, and in front of your neighbor’s homes. Have you seen them before? Do they belong here? Is the trunk or lift-gate open? Should it be?

If anything is out of place, call the OCSD. It’s as easy as that.

Thanks for doing your part to help keep Rossmoor safe.

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