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Neighborhood Watch Gathering – Donavan Road

In Rossmoor, we don’t WATCH, we NEIGHBOR!
Insider’s tip: although schmoozing in and at our homes isn’t always possible, our OCSD loves a good gathering and does their best (potlucks are their favs, but porches and driveways work too (our version of “talking across a fence, for those old enough to remember Tim Allen’s Tool Time).
Let Our Rossmoor’s Neighborhood Watch team know when you’re getting together, and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s on their calendars.

This past Saturday we had another Neighborhood Watch gathering, this time on Donavan Road. there were 20+ in attendance to listen in on updates from the OCSD’s Community Relationship Manager Ashely Sanchez and get some questions answered by North Patrol’s Captain Patella and Deputy Meneses. Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch Gathering - Donavan 2023

Building relationships with our community is very important to the OCSD and they welcome your phone calls. If you see something say something!

Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch Gathering - Donavan 2023
Neighborhood Watch Team Of Rha Co-Coordinator Frank Facey, Block Captain Clint Owen, Ocsd Captain Patella, Ocsd Deputy Menenes, And Rha President Art Remnet.




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