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National Gardening Day 2024

We love ushering in our springtime with things like this. National Gardening Day — there seems to be a “National Day” for just about everything, but this one is definitely going on my calendar.
Most of our homes have room for gardens, yet planting and managing them seems daunting to many. We suggest that our beginning gardeners start slowly and not get too ambitious. Why? Seeds and starts are small, but just like children, they grow up! Becoming a slave to anything is a common reason to quit. Yet gardening, within reason is about more than plants.
Gardening is an easy way to:
  • Enter a relationship with nature and the growing things around us. Believe it or not, many American children think that tomatoes come from the grocery stores – not the ground. Watch them grow, every day is different.

  • Is a great way to nourish our bodies. Whether you plant organic fruits and vegetables for healthy eating, or you simply get outdoors to inspect and nudge them along, essential vitamins enter your body – especially Vitamin D, 10 minutes a day outdoors can make a big difference.
  • Start a manageable compost – using scraps from your kitchen, you can create your own yard fertilizer, called compost. It’s a great way to keep food waste out of our landfills.
  • Flowers and blossoms attract “pollinators” like hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. In addition to the food that we eat, pollinators support healthy ecosystems that clean the air, stabilize soils, protect from severe weather, and support other wildlife. And…
  • Create new friendships as we share ideas, plants, foods, hobbies, and lifestyle.
YES! Happy National Gardening Day.
Our Newest Favorite “National Day.” And Happy Gardening. Ask us about making your own grow bags 🙂

Speaking about ecosystems and #SustainRossmoor

Remember that Saturday, April 27th, #OurRossmoor will be at Lee School on Foster Road in Rossmoor for our quarterly shredding event from 8:00 until noon (or when the truck is full).

We’ll also have gardening info available, in celebration of Springtime, Earth Month and Week, and Lee Schools new Butterfly Garden Project, a collaboration between Lee School, OC Master Gardeners, and Rossmoor neighbors, working to help Los Alamitos Senior High School student, Zoe Ronnau.
Help Zoe’s Girl Scout Gold Award Project be an overwhelming and lasting success! It is an ever-growing, work in progress, just like our gardens, and donations are appreciated. Read about it here!

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