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Moving to Stage 2…

Be Water Smart - Save Every Drop

We want to give the community a “heads up” about the requirement for Golden State Water to shift from Stage 1 conservation to Stage 2, beginning June 26th. Notices were sent to all customers via USPS mail. Standard notices can be confusing, so over the next few months, we will be addressing these issues.

Essentially, here is what is happening:

  • Golden State Water is required to use 2020 water usage numbers for each property.
  • Per State mandate – we need to reduce water usage, so we are being asked to use 20% less water than we did in 2020, or there will be increases (surcharges) on your bill.

This gives us two choices:

  1. We do not recommend this option:  Pay more by not conserving water. CA is in a drought condition, everyone is being called upon to save. If you don’t it will cost you more.
  2. The RHA is committed to supporting this option:  Reduce your water consumption by:
    • Following some quick tips on saving water (see below)
    • Work with Golden State Water to help understand additional ways you can save water
    • Join the conversation in our Community Engagement Group and see what your neighbors are doing to save water.

The bottom line is that we need to conserve water, especially through the summer. We will be sharing the ideas from our community and of course the water conservation tips and tricks we get from Golden State Water and other water conservation sites.

Sustainability….prudent use of the earth’s resources. Makes a lot of sense.

Together Rossmoor as a community can make our water reduction goals.

It’s all good – we’ve got this!

Stage 2 Water Restrictions In Place
Stage 2 Water Restrictions Go Into Place On June 26, 2022


Take Small Easy Steps Today To Make a Big Impact

Easy, actionable steps we can take today include:

  • Turn off your sprinklers and other irrigation systems when rain is in the weather forecast.
  • Prioritize watering your trees when faced with watering restrictions: Remember, trees are an investment. It will take more water, time, and money to replace a mature tree lost to drought than to keep one alive.
  • Replace grass with drought-resistant landscaping: Water-wise plants and landscaping use little or no water once established.
  • Install automatic shut-off valves for your outdoor sprinkler systems: Installing a drip irrigation system and a smart controller can save 15 gallons each time you water.
  • Plant water-wise plants: Check with your local water agency on the best plants for your climate. It is best to use water-wise, California-native plants where possible.
  • Lay mulch around your plants and yard: Laying 2–4 inches of organic mulch around your yard can keep the soil moist and reduce water use.

Take the Quiz and Learn More

You can take a quick quiz (can you get an 80% or better score? I bet you can’t) and learn more about ways to save water at saveourwater.com.

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