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Moon Pie Rides!

Bike Rossmoor has put together a very cool event – A Moon Pie Ride. 

This ride is takes off from Rush Park on full moon nights. We hope most months we will be able to ride by the light of the full moon. 

But ride where? 

Well Nia thought of that and she’s arranged with Polly’s Pies to have some pie on your ride. Yes! For just $5 you’ll get a slice of yummy pie from Polly’s before returning to Rush Park. 

How cool is that? Riders of all skill levels are welcome to join us for what we expect will become a very popular monthly event. Come join us for our monthly rides!

Bike Rossmoor - Promoting Safe Cycling And Bike Friendly Communities
Bike Rossmoor - Promoting Safe Cycling And Bike Friendly Communities

2023 Moon Pie Ride Dates

7 Mar Tuesday 7PM
6 Apr Thursday 7:30PM
5 May Friday 8PM
4 Jun Sunday 8PM 
3 Jul Monday 8PM
7/3 Ride cancelled due to competition from area fireworks shows, including at JFTB
1 Aug Tuesday 8PM
30 Aug Wednesday 7:30PM
29 Sep Friday 7PM
28 Oct Saturday 7PM
27 Nov Monday 7PM
26 Dec Tuesday 7PM

Photo Gallery from our Rides...

4 Responses

    1. Hey Brenda – The 4th of July bike parade has always been a bit of a spontaneous event. There hasn’t been “one” person running it, though Nia Hartman has lead it in the past. I know that Nia is out of town this 4th but I’m guessing that if you show up to Rush Park around 10 on Tuesday morning there will be some people there looking to ride. And if not hang out a bit and see if you “collect” some. If not, then take your own ride through Rossmoor and enjoy the morning. It’s really a “can’t lose” situation.

      Have a wonderful 4th!

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