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Magazine Survey Results

Thank you for your responses to our survey about the Our Rossmoor print magazine. The information you provide us helps direct what we do with things moving forward. If you have suggestions you can either leave your thoughts here or reply to any of our emails. 

We had 178 responses to the survey and here’s how your responses broke down:

Our Rossmoor Survey Results
Surevey Question 1 | Ourrossmoor

Question 1 shows that almost 80% of our reads value the magazine. Looking at the responses though, some respondents are confusing the two magazines that are sent to Rossmoor residents: Our Rossmoor and the commercial publication Rossmoor Living.

Surevey Question 2 | Ourrossmoor

Question 2 shows that 93% of the respondents do remember receiving the at least one of the Rossmoor magazines.

Surevey Question 3 | Ourrossmoor

Question 3 indicates about 40% of the respondents prefer using the OurRossmoor.com site for their RHA News. 

Surevey Question 4 | Ourrossmoor

Question 4 indicates that the respondents will stay in the RHA with or without the magazine by a wide margin.

Surevey Question 5 | Ourrossmoor

Question 5 is likely the most important indicator in the survey with 94% of the respondents say they will continue to support the RHA with or without the magazine.

Thanks again fro you interest in and support of the Rossmoor Homeowners Association and Our Rossmoor. We will be asking more questions in the near future. Stay tuned.

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