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Local Wildlife Conservation – Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge

Dedication to wildlife and conservation is something we are so fortunate to have. Urban areas and wildlife don’t naturally thrive together, yet with the Naval Weapons Wildlife Refuge to the south of us, Los Cerritos Wetlands to the West, and consider ….Bolsa Chica, Huntington Beach, and Newport Bay among other nature habitats………we have a true opportunity and head start to nurturing a healthy ecological balance in our area. Just another thing to love about being here!

Congratulations to Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach for receiving the Outstanding Military Conservation  Partner Award

2024Conservation Award Winner | Ourrossmoor
Photo Of The Release Of Captive Bred Endangered Light-Footed Ridgeway’S Rails. Courtesy Of Jeen Na Park

From the US Fish & Wildlife Service:

Protecting endangered species and preserving vital coastal habitats! The partnership between Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach is a shining example of successful collaboration. Together, they are safeguarding a nesting colony of endangered California least terns, working together with partners to release captive bred endangered light-footed Ridgeway’s rails, and monitoring a green sea turtle population. This unique alliance is crucial for the survival of these precious ecosystems in Southern California.
As the only National Wildlife Refuge completely surrounded by an active U.S. Navy base, Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is one of the last remnants of undisturbed native coastal salt marsh habitat in Southern California and serves as an important stopover point for migratory shorebirds traveling along the Pacific Flyway. This island of safe habitat in the midst of a dense urban setting rely on the partnership with Naval Weapons Seal Beach!
Follow along this week as we celebrate our outstanding military conservation partnerships leading up to the winner of the 20th Annual Military Conservation Partnership Award on Friday.
Wow – and all of this is in our backyard. 
If you’d like to discover more about the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, they have a great website and free tour information here.

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