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Little Free Libraries In Rossmoor

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Rossmoor Free Libraries –
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Rossmoor resident and Girl Scout Kayla Teng created this very cool website for her Bronze Award.

Kayla has brilliantly explained how the “Little Free Library” project got started, how you can become a steward yourself, and mapped out the location of each Rossmoor library. Her website is better than many business websites I’ve seen. You seriously need to check it out. 

Why This Project?

That’s a great question and Kayla has an answer for that:

I started this project because I saw book boxes around the community, but didn’t know what they were. I wanted to make sure everybody knew about them, what they do for us, and that it’s accessible for everyone. The book boxes have been here for a while and I want to share the cooperative inspiration given to me when I learned about them. On top of that they allow us to connect with neighbors we otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Site Features

One of the best features of the site is all the resources Kayla has included. Videos, stories from other library stewards, and she’s included videos on how to build a library for your home. There’s also a brief write-up on each of the Rossmoor Little Library Stewards.

This is a super helpful and fun project and we tip our hat to Kayla (and her family of course) for putting this project together for Rossmoor. Well done!



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