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Lina Lumme Honored

Celebrating Remarkable Achievements:

Lina Lumme has been honored as a 2023 Inspirational Women Nominee by Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing and Events.

The RHA takes a moment to acknowledge and congratulate our community partner, Lina Lumme, whose dedication and accomplishments have led her to be nominated for the 2023 Inspirational Women Award, presented by Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing and Events.

The Youth Center'S Ceo, Lina Lumme, Honored By The La Times

Lina’s commitment to creating positive change has left an indelible mark on our community. Her efforts within The Youth Center have expanded its reach, allowing more children to benefit from its services. Taking on the role of CEO at The Youth Center in 2010, she became the youngest female executive to hold this position, driving the addition of new programs, increasing scholarships, and overseeing the establishment of the Center for Kids.

Lina’s impact has been recognized within the community as well. The 2022 Woman of Distinction title bestowed upon her by Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen and the California Legislature underscores her service. Assemblywoman Nguyen expressed gratitude, noting, “Your years of devoted service have woven the very fabric of our community. We stand taller today because of you.”

Lina’s quiet achievements also include the Kindness Award and Super Star Award from LAUSD Board Member Chris Forehan, along with an Honorary Service Award from Los Alamitos Council of PTAs. These honors speak to her exceptional dedication to children and youth.

Engaged in vital community programs like Every 15 Minutes, RASCALS, the After School Academy, Camp Shark, and many annual local events, Lumme’s contributions are substantial and enduring, cementing her as a cherished member of the community.

With The Youth Center poised to open a new location in October 2023, we extend our warm congratulations to Lina Lumme for her nomination as a 2023 Inspirational Women nominee by Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing and Events. Her steadfast leadership promises a promising future of growth and positive change.

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  1. Congratulations Lina !!
    Well deserved acknowledgment. Our community is definitely a better place because of your dedication.

  2. Huge Congratulations to our Inspirational Lina, as youth and adults can see what it’s like when Love and Dedicated Work come together. Thank you, Lina, God bless you!

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