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2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration Awards and Hot Spots Map

2021 Christmas Lights Celebration

The 2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration team is thrilled to release this year’s HotSpots Map, including our recognition awards, honorable mentions, and bright zones throughout the neighborhood. Our digital map (through Google Maps) of the 2020 hot spots reached 64,000 views and is back this year!

Whether you choose to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rossmoor via foot, bicycle, golf cart, car, or just a virtual tour, we hope the HotSpots Map adds a little holiday cheer to your family.

We had quite a few new homes enter the celebration this year and it seems like everyone has been upping their game! Many thanks to the RHA team for their support in accepting homeowner entries, nominations from neighbors, and for offering a few great prizes for those who did nominate their neighbors!

Lights Bike Tour

Many folks have inquired about the traditional Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bicycle Tour. And the answer is YES!

On December 22 & 23, Lightning Velo Cycling Club will once again host the Rossmoor Lights Bike Tour. Meet at Rush Park at 5:30 p.m. on either (or both nights) for a 6:00 p.m. departure. Dress for the ride it will likely be cool. The Club asks that family groups stay together and that the adults help to keep the riders safe during the ride.


Many thanks to ALL the homeowners who put the time and effort into creating such amazing displays for all of us to enjoy. Thanks to Lynnette O’Bryan for her support as the photographer for our event. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the RHA team for their support of our Christmas Lights Celebration.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Below, you will find write-ups for the homes that received Recognition Awards, followed by all the Honorable Mention homes and Bright Zones that were selected to be on the Our Rossmoor Christmas Lights HotSpots Map. You can pop open the interactive map and use it to guide your path. The map is below following the recognition awards.

On to the Lights Recognition Awards

To make the evening even more memorable, here’s a hot cocoa recipe to warm your soul as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the 2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration.

Many thanks to ALL of the homeowners who put the time and effort into creating such amazing displays for all of us to enjoy. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

The 15th Annual Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration has been delightful – Thank You Rossmoor!

And now it’s your turn to enjoy the lights.


Rookie of the Year – 3115 Bostonian Drive (Hayes Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
3115 Bostonian Rookie Of The Year Award

Over the past few years, the number of entries for our “Rookie-of-the-Year” category has continued to grow and this year was no exception. The Hayes family delivered a spectacular light display that no photograph can do justice – you’ll see when you drive by! This is the real deal, from the Griswald-like roof lighting spectacular to the beautifully crafted Christmas figures in the lawn and finished off with Santa’s mailbox, ready to assure all letters are fast-tracked back to the big guy in the North Pole. Be sure to make this a stop along your route this year – you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the Hayes family and we will be looking forward to their continued participation in next year’s celebration!


RHA Nomination Award – 12081 Silver Fox Rd. (Smith Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
Rha Nomination Award – 12081 Silver Fox Rd.

Congratulations to the Smith family for receiving an overwhelming number of nominations through the RHA’s nomination process! The classic red and white lighting beautifully outlines the entire house, and the garden reveals a set of colorful Christmas trees and festive candy canes. All that serves as an amazing backdrop for Santa’s landing zone that has been accented with the classic lighting while the runway is covered with colorful arches. What a great way to spread the Christmas cheer – Merry Christmas!


Silent Night Award – 11541 Martha Ann Dr. (Cross Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
11541 Martha Ann Silent Night Award 2021

This award category holds a special place in our program as it reminds us of the reason for the season! The Cross family stepped up their beautiful display this year, with the manger scene taking the front and center position. But wait! That’s not all – their display makes room for Santa Claus and some other characters from the winter wonderland. You will want to stop by and see this display and once again, thank you to the Cross family for giving us this amazing display to reflect on the season.


Most Festive Street Award – Rowena Dr. (two photos)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
Rowena Street – The Street With Santa Most Festive Street Award

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration

Wow! That was our reaction as we rounded the corner to experience this in person. This one is as hard to describe as it is to photograph. This recognition award goes to all the families who participated to create this street-long collaboration of the arches. You may want to park the car and take to the streets to enjoy a casual stroll under the arches. There is no doubt that Rowena has earned the title of the “Most Festive Street” in Rossmoor for our 2021 Christmas season and earned a solid place on our hot spots map.


Hypnotic Christmas Award – 2762 Engel Dr. (Monsen Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
2762 Engle Hypnotic Christmas Award 2021

Ready to be bedazzled with Christmas lights?  Put yourself in a colorful, flowing, high-energy well – hypnotic state of mind with the Monsen family’s display of sights, sounds, and motion.  It’s a 3D sort of Christmas experience with so many things happening at once, you don’t want to focus on anything specific. This all makes for a fun Rossmoor location you don’t want to miss.


Kid’s Choice Award – 3212 Wendy Way (Mark Linza and Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
3212 Wendy Way Kids Choice Award 2021

The Linza Family entered our Celebration last year, winning Rookie of the Year.  Well for 2021, they have even more lights and fun displays, making their home a “cannot miss this one” along with the Rossmoor Christmas Lights route.  So much that the judging caravan of kids unanimously selected it as their Award.  Starting with lighted walkway arches (one of the first Rossmoor homes to include this feature) the home welcomes visitors to a Christmas movie and a spectacle of surrounding lights. According to one of our kid judges, playing “Buddy the Elf” sealed the deal.


Canned Ham Award – 3341 Kenilworth Dr. (Graham Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
3341 Kenilworth Drive Canned Ham Image 2021

There are so many lights and Christmas décor to absorb at this location, one can easily miss the “Canned Ham” trailer all decorated in its glory. Years ago, this very trailer was situated in the lawn and has since been promoted to a prominent location on the driveway. However, what really caught our judge’s attention was the mini-canned ham alongside the full-size model. So much effort, care, and love went into this display by the Graham family, it’s worth an extra hot chocolate sip or two while soaking in the attraction!


Presidential Award – 3371 Druid Ln. (Benjestorf Family)

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration
3371 Druid Presidential Award 2021

So let’s just say the Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration is something like the Rose Bowl Parade, and this one float or in this case, a house, just enamors everyone who drives by because it’s so attention-grabbing, and lets people know the special Christmas season is upon us!  Well, if it were afloat, the judges would designate it with something like the Presidential Award, so that seems to work for us too. Regardless of the award name, we are thrilled Terry and Debbie Benjestorf have once again treated us to their welcoming display.

Honorable Mention Recognition

Honorable Mentions:  These homes are recognized on the HotSpots Map for being beautifully decorated and worth checking out (which is why the RHA does the Celebration in the first place)! You can also find some Bright Zones on the map where you will find concentrations of beautifully decorated homes.

2021 Honorable Mentions

  • 3132 Druid Ln.
  • 2942 Edgeley Pl.
  • 12651 Foster Rd.
  • 2942 Hillrose Dr.
  • 3212 Hillrose Dr.
  • 3331 Huntley Dr.
  • 11672 Kensington Rd.
  • 2751 Mainway Dr.
  • 2761 Mainway Dr.
  • 11741 Martha Ann Dr.
  • 11831 Martha Ann Dr.
  • 12652 Martha Ann Dr.
  • 11302 Pemberton Rd.
  • 2631 Piedmont Ave.
  • 2762 Salmon Dr.
  • 2681 St. Albans Dr.
  • 2751 St. Albans Dr.
  • 2732 St. Albans Dr.
  • 3011 Shakespeare Dr.
  • 11352 Wembley Rd.

Bright Zones

  • Burney Pl. (3000 block – cul-de-sac)
  • Woodstock Rd. (between Chaucer Rd. and Montecito Rd.)


Thanks again to all the participating homeowners in Our Rossmoor for making our 15th-year celebration such a success and holiday wishes to you and yours from the Rossmoor Homeowners Association!

The HotSpots Map

Over the last few years, we’ve created an interactive HotSpots Map of the recognized houses. The first year the map got about 5,500 views, so we did it again in 2019 and that map had 11,000 views and the 2020 version got over 60,000 views. It seems like more people are using the map to enjoy the holiday spirit in Rossmoor. Here’s this year’s interactive HotSpots Map – Enjoy!

2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Interactive Map


We also have a downloadable PDF so you can print it for quick access as you make your way around the neighborhood. 

Nomination Drawing Prizes

If you are looking for the prize winners and sponsors for the Lights Nomination Contest, you’ll want to go here.

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