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Lights Nomination Winner – Round 5

2020 Lights Drawing Winners

As our subscribers know, we’ve been announcing prize winners for the past week and we have two more winners tonight. We are giving away prizes from local businesses to folks that have nominated Rossmoor Homes for our 14th Annual Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration.

Here are just some of the prizes we will be giving out between now and December 15th with the Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration Awards are announced:

H2Go Express: Cypress, Westminster And Huntington Beach
H2Go Express: Cypress, Westminster And Huntington Beach – Quick &Amp; Easy
Please do support our prize sponsors! These are all locally based businesses and need out help now more than ever.



And announcing our next winners of the RHA Rossmoor Lights Nominating Contest:

Congratulations to: 

Lara Arambula

Who just won a $25 Gift Certificate from Angelina’s Famous Pizza and…

Maureen Wauters

Who just won a $50 gift Certificate from Cinnamon Stik Gift Shop in Los Alamitos. Cinnamon Stik carries jewelry, unique gifts, and home decor. They also offer a full line of baby and children’s clothing and accessories in sizes ranging from 0-6 years.


And to our previous winners:

  • Aroma Porcelain from From Jo Anne Cruz and Scentsy    Penny McCann
  • Gift Certificate from the Denim Bar                                           Beth Marie Nierman
  • Gift Certificate from Flags With A Flair                                     Jennifer Bliss
  • Holiday Wreath from The Youth Center Tree Lot                Heather Bowman
  • Beautiful Gift Basket from Enfuso                                                Lisa Lanier
  • Holiday Wreath from The Youth Center Tree Lot                 Catherine Pack

Winners from our last 2020 drawing will be Tuesday December 15th when we will award 5 prizes!

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