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Kirsten Okamoto

Kirsten Okamoto - The Youth Center Stellar Volunteer 2021
Kirsten Okamoto (Third From Left) – The Youth Center Stellar Volunteer 2021

Kirsten Okamoto is a special young woman. The Youth Center recently awarded her one of its 2021 Stellar Volunteer Awards and she is the first-ever recipient of the $500 S.E.T.H. Scholarship presented by Lion’s Club of Seal Beach.

Kirsten’s volunteer activities with the Youth Center are just a small part of what makes Kirsten such a leader.

Kristen’s Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project focused on Marine Mammal Rescue and Conservation. She has a passion for marine mammals and the effect of global warming on the marine environment. Kristen gathered a team to lead, educated them about the issue, and provided them with the tools to teach the younger scouts about what they should do in the event they come in contact with large marine mammals who may be hurt or need help. Kristen truly understood that being a leader wasn’t only about standing in front of a group of kids. It was also about empowering others to lead and educate others. One of the elements of the Gold Award requires the girl to ensure the sustainability of the project. Kirsten did that incredibly well by training the team to re-teach the information in the future. She truly made a difference in the Jr. Guard program and the education that every Jr. Guard will get now.

For her work, our Girl Scout Council recognized Kristen with a 2020 GSOC Take Action Award for her successful efforts to Take Action and creating a lasting impact in the community she served by identifying community needs, using resourceful problem solving, advocating for others, and educating and inspiring others to act to continue to make the world a better place.

Recognized for this strength and her leadership, Kirsten was also awarded the amazing opportunity and privilege to serve as a Girl Scout USA (GSUSA) delegate to both the “The United Nations” 2020 64th and 2021 65th World Conference for the Status of Women (CSW).

Kirsten’s first year as GSUSA delegate to The United Nations 2020 64th CSW was impacted by the covid pandemic making it impossible for Kirsten to hold any in-person meetings or attend in-state or out-of-state conferences. Despite that, Kirsten and the other delegates were still eager to make a difference. She worked over 100 hours with her team to create a six-week Global Gender Equality Series where Girl Scouts from across the nation could virtually attend. As one of the facilitators, Kirsten taught about worldwide gender inequalities within education leadership and STEM, gender-based violence, and barriers that girls face in the US and around the world. She also helped to inspire these Girl Scouts to start their own Take Action Projects and make a difference in the lives of those they served. She taught this series to Young Girl Scouts across America and Girl Guides internationally.

She has also been very interested in STEM-related activities and encouraging young girls into STEM and has continued along this pathway by graduating from the SATO Academy of Math and Science in Long Beach with a goal of becoming an electrical engineer

Congrtationls Kirsten and thank you for all that you have done for your community. Thank you for being another example of how Rossmoor Rocks and we wish you all the best as you move into the next chapter of your life!

Here’s the video of Kirsten being awarded The Youth Center award


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