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RHA 2022 Candidate Profiles

The content below has been submitted by the candidate to introduce themselves to Rossmoor and answer some of the many questions Rossmoor residents submitted for them. The full November 2022 candidate list can be found here. 

Kim Carr

36th State Senate District

Kim Carr Ca State Senate 36Th District

From our 9/29/2022 Rossmoor Meet Your Candidates Night, the 36th Senatorial District segment

Rossmoor Community Questions

Q1. Why do you want to be our representative to the State Senate? What makes you stand out vs your opponent?

I am a third-generation Southern Californian and have lived in this Senate District for nearly my entire life.  I’m one of four children, grew up in Garden Grove, and worked two jobs while attending CSU, Fullerton where I obtained my bachelor’s degree. After graduation, I found success in the business world as a National Sales Manager for broadcast television stations.

I’ve been active in local government for over a decade and have proudly served on Huntington Beach City Council since 2018. I served as Mayor in 2021 and during that time I led efforts to respond to the 2021 oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach, strengthened public safety while reducing homelessness by 35%, and helped workers and businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My extensive experience in business and government enables me to hit the ground running on my first day as your next State Senator. In Sacramento, I will:

      • Fight inflation by fixing supply chains and cutting red tape for local businesses.
      • Reduce homelessness by increasing mental health and housing support.
      • Defend reproductive freedom and the right of all people to control their bodies.
      • Combat climate change and protect our beaches and coastal economy.
      • Improve public education and lower the financial barriers to college for students.

Q2. What do you feel is the single greatest challenge and need facing us, your constituents, in the next 12 months? And what will you propose, if elected, to address this issue?

Affordable housing and the cost of living. In Orange County, housing is incredibly expensive, and building new housing is costly and time-consuming. To address this issue, as Mayor of Huntington Beach, I championed efforts for the city to participate in a state-wide program allowing the city to purchase existing apartment buildings with zero-interest loans.  These apartment units were then eligible to offer reduced rental rates for residents earning anywhere between 80-120% of the AMI.  This program added 674 units of housing to help the needs of middle-income earners without having to build a single unit.

In addition to these innovative ideas, I have been an advocate for Project Home Key – a partnership with the County and State to convert motels into permanent supportive housing to assist with homelessness.

I also believe a re-evaluation of CEQA is needed so residents and developers have confidence in the process and we are able to have sensible, sustainable growth without unnecessary and costly delays.