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RHA 2022 Candidate Profiles

The content below has been submitted by the candidate to introduce themselves to Rossmoor and answer some of the many questions Rossmoor residents submitted for them. The full November 2022 candidate list can be found here. 

Jo Shade

 Rossmoor Community Services District, Board of Directors

Jo Shade Rcsd Director | Ourrossmoor

From our 9/29/2022 Rossmoor Meet Your Candidates Night, the Rossmoor Community Services District segment

Rossmoor Community Questions

Q1. How long have you lived in Rossmoor and what does being a part of Rossmoor community mean to you?

I’ve lived in Rossmoor for 25 years, being part of this community, you feel an immediate sense of family and stability. It’s what everyone looks for when they buying into the community, and what many come back to. We have family here in Rossmoor and friends that are like family. Rossmoor is the true meaning of home.

Q2.Why do you want to be one of our RCSD Board Directors?

I am connected to the area on many levels with my long time commitment to community service and the RCSD is my natural and next step in my journey in community service. Id like to bring all my local connections from the school district, church, business, and military sectors to the RCSD and build bridges to get things done in a timely manner and open up the conversations to improve all we can. I see things dragged on sometimes for years on end.

Q3. How many RCSD meetings have you attended in the past 12 months.


Q4. Do you support obtaining additional powers of governance (i.e., local control/latent powers) beyond those currently authorized in the RCSD’s charter? Why or why not? And if so, do you support using district funds to advocate or advance this position?

In general…no. Its not in the RCSD’s purview. RCSD has reached for this in past. It hasn’t gone well. Transparency and cost were not made in a timely manner and it comes at a high cost to the integrity of RCSD. The RCSD needs to stick to its lane and work on the issues at hand. They have enough to resolve as is.

Let’s review what the cost has been thus far. The question is answered easily… let’s not spend any more on this issue. The time and money wasted on this makes no sense.

Q5. What is your position on pickleball?
Specifically: a. What are your thoughts about establishing pickleball courts in Rossmoor? b. Do you support converting existing tennis court(s) to pickleball courts? Why or why not? c. If you’re in favor of pickleball courts, what specific measures do you support to limit the noise impact on the neighbors?

Making sure it is done the right way. The studies need to be done and the community is able to fairly advocate for their choice.  Wherever the courts end up …the community will decide, they are the voice.

a) I would absolutely like to see pickleball in Rossmoor. There is a community outcry for it.

b) Yes.. just 1 on a limited basis.

c) We need more studies to make educated decisions. 

Q6. What is your vision for the parks and facilities the RCSD manages?

To bridge the connections to our local organizations, school district, business owners, law enforcement, and community services. 

Q7. What do you feel is the greatest single challenge and need facing Rossmoor in the next 12 months? And what will you propose, if elected, to address this issue?


We are all blessed living in Rossmoor… no, question. The issues we have at hand other communities wish were their issue, which is a big reason we all love living in Rossmoor.  That being said, our issues at hand are real and impacting, 1st thing that comes to mind is the E-bike situation, it escalates daily. I see as a parent a huge safety issue/concern just as everyone else does. My proposal on this is working with our local services and organizations to offer up safety training locally and enforce laws on current riders without helmets, multiple riders, and speed. We need more patrol to reel in safety first and bring in the training classes done by local organization(s), school district and law enforcement for kids and parents locally and help to educate on the dangers of riding without proper training. Make it a Saturday class, give incentives like community service hours to students and encourage it as a must-do class, like driver’s ed … only for E-bikes. Community partnership working together!