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January Shredding Report – Awesome!

Rha Director Marian Last Visits With A Neighbor During The Drive Through Rossmoor Community Shredding Event On January 27, 2024
Rha Director Marian Last Visits With A Neighbor During The Drive Through Rossmoor Community Shredding Event On January 27, 2024

Our January Community Shredding Event was off the rails! We had a record number of vehicles (187) and quantity of paper shredded (8,140 pounds) and recycled. We filled the truck just before noon so almost everyone who stopped by was able to drop of their papers to be shredded. Thank you Rossmoor Community for participating and recycling your documents!

Oh, and we ran out of our Shredding Flyers! For those that missed the flyer, you can read  it here

The RHA hosts these quarterly events with The Paper Depot to shred your documents immediately and securely on site (you can watch) for a number of reasons, including:

First, it’s a Neighborhood Watch thing – keeping your private documents secure and away from prying eyes is not just smart, it helps keep your identity secure. Being aware of security issues is somethin we talk about at our Neighborhood Watch Gatherings. Be smart and shred those papers – and you can keep them from piling up every quarter for free. Just stop by and drive through our shredding events.

Second, it’s part of our neighborhood sustainability awareness program. Recycling the shredded documents is as important for our environment as shredding the documents is to the security of your information. We all need to remember to separate your waste so we reduce what goes to the landfills. Did you know that recycling a single ton of paper is enough to save 17 trees and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space? We recycled over 4 tons of paper on Saturday – that’s 68 trees saved, just on this one Saturday.

Third, you get to say goodbye to clutter and hello to more clutter free space! Shredding and recycling your financial & private documents means you’ll have more room for all the fun stuff, like that awesome collection of novelty socks you’ve been eyeing. Plus, you really don’t need those tax returns from the 1990’s any more.

And last but not least, it’s another service the RHA provides the Rossmoor Community. Come out and see us on April 27th from 8:00 to noon and clear out those old tax and medical documents that you no longer need in a safe, secure and environmentally smart way. We will be there to greet you.

And, if you haven’t joined the RHA for 2024 yet, you can support us and events like the Rossmoor Community Shredding event right here.


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