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It’s Time To Renew…

With the holidays fast approaching, most people start to reflect back on the past year and begin making plans for the next. Many use the time between Christmas and New Year’s to make specific plans for the new year. Some call these plan resolutions and others call them things they want to do or accomplish. Still, others make no plans at all and just look forward to a new year. The good news is what you do on the planning side of your life is entirely up to you. You’ve made it this far in life, you likely have a system that works for you.

Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957

For the RHA, this time of year is our opportunity to remind you that it’s time to renew your RHA Membership for 2023. It’s super easy to do, just click here and complete the online application and you’re done for the year. If you’d rather complete a paper application and mail it to us, that’s okay too: Here’s a link here to download the application.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can always reply to this email or include them on your application. We always want to hear from you, even if you are not happy about something. If we can improve or fix it we will work with you on it. If we can’t then we will get you in contact with who can.

Thanks for your support and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2023 for Rossmoor.

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Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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