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GM Mendoza Interviewed By LAFCO

Rossmoor CSD General Manager Joe Mendoza was recently interviewed by Orange County LAFCO, in the Spring Edition of The Pulse.  You can read that interview here, or click The Pulse logo on this page. 
 LAFCO, or the Local Agency Formation Commission of Orange County, which was founded in 1963, strives to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient public services such as water, sewer, public safety, and parks by local governments to Orange County residents.
GM Mendoza’s interview starts on page 6, with a brief discussion about our district, and Rossmoor’s upcoming MSR process.
Rossmoor’s Municipal Service Review (MSR) is scheduled to begin late next year. We are looking forward to this review process, and will keep you updated on the progress. Over the next several months we will work to educate and enlighten you, our community, about LAFCO and how the MSR process works. Today, we will start with defining an MSR.

What Is an MSR? 

MSRs happen once every 5 years and is a comprehensive study designed to better inform the Commission, local agencies, and the community about the provision of local services. 
The study looks at how municipal services are provided and financed by an agency, the costs to residents for those services, and potential service alternatives. 
One of the most important benefits of an MSR is a review of the long-term sustainability of the range and level of services provided by local governments and other service providers.
Orange LAFCO conducts MSRs for the County’s 34 cities and 24 special districts generally every five years through a collaborative and objective effort. These MSRs encourage open discussions and plant seeds for opportunities without forcing conversations or government action. 
The realms of opportunities identified in MSRs involve short and long-term options and are based on sound and trending data and the deliberative vetting of key and relevant issues.

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