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Flea-Borne Typhus Found in Rossmoor

Over the weekend, a resident posted about flea-borne typhus being detected in Rossmoor. Thank you. #OurRossmoor checked out the info with #OCVector this morning, to check out and/or confirm the info. Here’s what we found out:
In a nutshell, OC Vector is doing their job!
They are elevating awareness and providing information – before (or instead of) there being a problem.
Typhus bacterium is endemic to SoCal (e.g. it regularly occurs within an area or community), so it is something that OC Vector, in conjunction with #OCHealth and #CDC is always monitoring and on top of.
This Public Health Advisory notification is required whenever there is a suspicion of disease (it takes time to test and confirm), so letting the immediate vicinity know, alerts everyone, so that we can help stop anything before it starts (much like preventing mosquito infestation to prevent West Nile virus, or watching for ticks, to prevent Lyme disease.

Proactive efforts are the best Prevention.

OC Vector has not seen anything of concern recently and are continually monitoring. 
Yet, there will be a lot of vegetation growth this spring and summer due to the rains, and they expect that there could be more presence of vectors (pests) and ask for our residents to be extra vigilant towards places that might incubate the vectors.
The primary way typhus transfers to humans and spread is through petting and feeding feral cats. Please avoid contact with these cats, opossums, rats, and racoons.
More info on things to look for and ways to protect your families can be found here.

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