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Festival Bike Valet – Success!

Thanks to the initiative of our community and neighbors another dream is coming to fruition. Yesterday’s Bike Valet started with a small kernel of an idea that grew and deserves to be nurtured. Rossmoor resident & RHA director Nia Hartman put her passion for bicycle riding into something for the community — the birth of Bike Rossmoor.
Jody Roubanis, enjoined with Nia towards their shared love of bicycling, creating safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly transit (she previously chaired safe walking for the Los Al school district), and they gave wings to their commitment of making our community better and stronger.
With the full support of Our Rossmoor, they birthed the Bike Valet concept and put action behind their efforts.
Their formal bicycling connections contribute in many ways that work behind the scenes – but believe us when we say that Nia, Jody, BikeRossmoor.org, and their community of bicyclists is a treasure, whose value is immeasurable. 50+ people experienced this, yesterday.
Yes, when you see them (or want to help/join them) there is plenty of room to grow OurRossmoor’s community of bicycling enthusiasts. Many know these two special leaders by their roles as “the bike lady” or “the valet concierge” which is true.
But we know them as Nia and Jody – two VERY special dynamos! ❤️👏💯
Bike Valet From Bike Rossmoor!
Bike Valet From Bike Rossmoor!

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