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Fentanyl News and Resources

Fentanyl Is Forever Oc Healthcare Agency

The Fentanyl crisis in California is well known, at least by our state and county officials and law enforcement agencies. While California is not alone in the crisis, the state and county are taking action to address it here locally.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of fentanyl and how to keep yourself and your family safe, please attend one of the many in-person workshops offered by the OC HealthCare Agency (OCHCA) throughout Orange County. These workshops are sponsored by cities, community groups, and elected officials with the same goal: reduce fentanyl deaths through education and awareness. 

Fentanyl Resources

We have assembled some resources for your to start your education about fentanyl and how to keep safe from the dangers. Please note that fentanyl effects people by just being in contact with it. 2 grams can kill and if can come from exposure in the air, through touch, ingestion or injection.  Police officers in Orange County have been hospitalized from inhaling fentanyl during a traffic stop. Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous drug.


Rossmoor Fentanyl Town Hall – November 16, 2023

This fentanyl Town Hall is a terrific example of a person with a passion to help others being able to make a difference for an entire community.

On Thursday November 17, 2023 the OC Sheriff’s Department held a Fentanyl Town Hall in Rossmoor for the western OC communities. The event was the vision of Kimmie Martin who reached out to OCSD Captain AJ Patella at one of the monthly CSD board meetings. Captain Patella connected Kimmie with Sargent Brian Gunsolley and the rest is history. Within about 6 weeks, the event was scheduled and here’s the replay of the event.



Project Eli – Fentanyl Awareness LAHS

From Los Alamitos High School’s Focus Studios and Project Eli founder Perla Mendoza,  a short and moving video on the effects of fentanyl

Resources mentioned in the video:


And a parent’s guide to growing up drug-free.

Fentanyl Is Forever – OC HealthCare Agency

The Fentanyl is forever campaign is a a great awareness campaign. It’s worth a look to see the effects on the person, friends, and families of people who have been exposed to fentanyl – intentionally or not. Help is available.

County Press Conference regarding Fentanyl Is Forever Campaign

Get the whole story here at Fentanyl Is Forever.

Orange County Fentanyl Hearing, March 3, 2022 hosted by Supervisor Katrina Foley

This hearing was hosted by Supervisor Katrina Foley (OC Supervisorial District 5) is a good introduction to the fentanyl issues here in Orange County and provides perspectives from:

  • Public Safety (Sheriff Barnes, Costa Mesa Police Chief Lawrence)
  • Public Health (Dr. Clayton Chau, Director of the OCHCA, Dr. Veronica Kelley, Chief, Mental Health and Recovery Services, OCHCA, Matt Holtzman, Chair of the County of Orange Behavioral Health Advisory Board, Chair of Government Relations for NAMI Orange County)
  • Public Policy (California State Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris, 74th District, California State Senator Patricia Bates, 36th District, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer)



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