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February 2024 Community & Director Meeting

Our Rossmoor Community &Amp; Director Meetings

Our February Community & Director meeting had some housekeeping items, like confirming dates for our next shredding event (Saturday, April 27th from 8:00-noon or the truck is full at Lee Elementary School <– Note the location change), double-checking progress and status on our upcoming Rossmoor Graduation Parade on Saturday, June 1st, and a final update on relocating RHA things from our storage shed at Montecito Center’s parking lot to a storage room at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The move is complete! We are settling into our new location and we are excited to work with Bethlehem Lutheran.

There was also an extended conversation over revenues and expenses, especially the money from RHA membership dues and sponsorships and effective ways to reach our community – dollars vs. marketing/advertising costs. We also talked about our analytics on  existing communication channels and efforts.
The board also received a status update re: our annual membership drive and reminder letters for renewals that will be mailed shortly.
Exciting, huh?
There was a progress update on obtaining information about Rossmoor’s Park Capital Improvement Grant, funded by the passage of State of CA by ballot approval of Proposition 68 (“Prop 68”) in June 2018, and administered by our Community Services District.
The grant, often a topic of conversation during CSD meetings and budget discussions, was approved to fund public park improvements for cash-strapped public entities. The fund, allocated on a population-based per-capita allocation formula allows for improvements to be made to parks, and minor repairs (that support the improvements.)
In Rossmoor’s case, the total grant award  (approximately $202,000) is divided into 3 separate contracts designating projects at both Rush and Rossmoor Parks, and a smaller project that funded a road resurfacing project. The grant and its associated forms, describe improvements the district plans to make and the conditions required for submitting for reimbursements.
In addition, the contracts commit the district to a requirement to contribute  an additional 20 percent of cost, above and beyond the grant amount to offset a requirement for not meeting the conditions of being an economically disadvantaged community. In total, there are about $220,000 of monies related to capital improvements, available or (already spent) in our community parks. To date, approximate $80K has been reimbursed, received by the CSD in July 2023, for items that were  (mostly) completed in Rossmoor between 2019 and 2022.
This issue of the Prop 68 grant, as it has come to be known, surfaced to the board at the request of several residents, and confusion over what is being done with the money, and what is intended to be done.
It was expressed that before anybody can expect to gain meaningful answers to how the district is using the grant money, more information is needed Then, the community and the RHA can formulate additional questions through responsible inquiry, so it is expected to take a while.
The RHA Board also requested that the information we obtain thru public records be placed on our website, thus inviting our residents to journey along with the RHA and be kept up-to-date, a little at a time.
More to follow, for sure, and the website will be updated as information is received. As time allows, the information will be reviewed for accuracy and for posting.

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  1. Thank you. I really like this summary of the Board meeting – much better than listening to the lengthy recorded meeting. Great and creative way of communicating the happenings in Rossmoor.

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