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February 2023 Storm Damage – Minimal

Rossmoor’s parks and trees received only minimal damage from this last set of storms that passed through. 

A number of large branches, like the one pictured here fell at both parks. The Pepper tree next to tennis court 3 in Rossmoor Park took out the fence at mid-court. 

The actual damage appears to be minimal and the RCSD had a crew out on Sunday morning to remove the branch from the court and clean up the other downed branches. The court was ready for use by noon and was put to almost immediate use for a tennis match. 

Rossmoor Park - February 2023 Storm Damage
Rossmoor Park - February 2023 Storm Damage
Rossmoor Park - February 2023 Storm Damage

The RCSD crew was out Saturday morning to clean up the more manageable downed branches and hauled more than 7 truck loads of branches from Rush and Rossmoor Parks by mid-day. 

The cleanup effort is just another reminder of how well the RCSD staff takes care of our parks every day of the week.

THANK YOU RCSD Staff for taking such GREAT care of our Rossmoor Parks!

Rossmoor Park - February 2023 Storm Damage
Shortly After Noon On Sunday Court 3 Was Back In Operation!

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