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Bike & E-Bike (Cycling) Tips & Info

Basic Bike Rules
The basic rules are that a bike or e-bike has to follow the same rules as any vehicle (a moped, scooter, motorcycle, car, or truck): ride with the flow of traffic, do not ride on sidewalks (unless you are under 5), stop at all stop signs, etc. Speed is typically not an issue for bikes as even e-bikes have a top end, motor-assisted speed of 28 mph, and on flat ground, which is difficult to maintain. 

Part of the Challenge
As highlighted by the chart below, part of the challenge we face today is that bikes in general, and specifically e-bike types 1 & 2 are legal for children under 16 to ride. This is a good thing; still, these riders have not had any training about the vehicle code or bike safety. While our community and schools are working to fill this gap, it remains incumbent on these riders’ parents to educate them and keep them safe.
Before You Ride: Wear Your Helmet
Remember, we all share the road. Parents, the video isn’t jazzy, but sit down with your riders. A 10-minute review of responsible riding (plus your understanding of e-bikes) goes a long way to making our residents and riders safer – Watch it with your riders – it’s a small trade-off in allowing them to own and ride an e-bike, considering the added risks.
There are several great resources to learn about e-bikes and safe riding.
Bike Pamphlet Cover | Ourrossmoor
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Before You Ride - Wearing Your Helmet

Remember, we all share the road. Bikes, e-bikes, scooters, golf carts, motorcycles, and cars alike all use the same streets. And need to follow the same rules. 

Parents, the video below isn’t jazzy but it is full of good information. Please sit down with your riders and review this 10-minute video on responsible riding. It will help them know the “rules of the road” and refresh your memory, plus you may increase your understanding of e-bikes. 

We need to do everything we can to help keep our residents and riders safe – Watch it with your riders – it’s a small trade-off in allowing them to own and ride an e-bike, considering the added risks.

California Electric Bike Law - Rossmoor Homeowners Association

And this video will at least make you smile....

Play it safe for Cyclists

Ride Safe | Ourrossmoor

2 Responses

  1. I read the rules for the e-bike drivers. These rules are not being followed. This last week I saw riders on these bikes riding on he sidewalks, riders with no helmets, very young riders in groups of 3+, riding on the wrong side of the street. Who is monitoring this ? These riders are NOT following any rules!

    1. Hi Lynda and thanks for sharing your observations and concern.

      Bicycle traffic is monitored by both the CHP and OC Sherriff’s Department. And, like speeding cars, people blocking the street sweepers, and other law violations, not all of them are “caught.”

      Safety begins at home, then in the community, and our schools. There is not a one time solution to unsafe bike riding – e-bike or not. E-bikes traveling faster than non e-bikes do amplify the safety issue.

      The rules for all bikes (traditional and e-bikes) are exactly the same. Helmets are required for those under 18 (additional discussion on bikes & rules can be found here).

      Keeping the community aware by talking to neighbors about proper bike safety is a good start. The school district is hosting bike safety classes in conjunction with the Los Alamitos Police Department. Both the CHP and OCSD are aware of the issues around bike safety and are doing what they can when they see it. No one wants to see anyone get hurt, especially a child.

      We will continue to share safety materials with the community as they become available.

      Again, thanks for writing in.

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