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Eagle Project for McAuliffe Middle School

Kyle Corbin - Eagle Project
Kyle Corbin 

McAuliffe’s principal, Dr. Weiss-Wright, and I came up with a way to improve the front roundabout area of the school. For my eagle project, I will be organizing and leading my Boy Scout Troop to improve two areas of the current planters. My project consists of clearing out the existing planters and adding new trees, shrubs, flowering bushes, and a bench. I am dedicating the bench with a plaque in memory of the long-time counselor at McAuliffe, Mrs. Jean Foley who recently lost her battle with brain cancer. I also will be putting plaques up to identify the trees.

One reason I chose this project is that I wanted to give back to the Los Al School District. My grandfather, my father, his brothers, and I all went to McGaugh, McAuliffe, and Los Alamitos High School. We love Seal Beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos and the exceptional schools here. I contacted all these schools in hopes to do my eagle project at one of them and Dr. Weiss Wright returned my call and has been instrumental in helping me with this project. He is also an Eagle Scout and knows the hard work and tremendous amount of planning and fundraising that goes into a project like this. In order to earn the Eagle rank, the highest rank in scouting, I must plan, develop, and provide leadership to others in a service project helpful to the community.

Another reason I think this project is beneficial is that it will give students a pleasant place to relax and destress while waiting for the bus or waiting for their parents to pick them up. I know from experience that there is nowhere to sit in front of McAuliffe while you wait for your parents other than the cement on the ground or uncomfortable white rocks. Adding a bench will look so much better and provide a much more welcoming look. The trees themselves will also serve as an educational source for students to learn from. Each tree will have facts about its country of origin, species, and general facts pertaining to the ecosystem.

My project will require many hours of labor and approximately $2000 in materials. My project has been approved by my Troop Committee Chair, Dr. Weiss-Wright, and the Golden West District Eagle Chair. We will do the project on Saturday, July 30th.

As part of my project, I am required to request donations to fund materials necessary for the construction of this project. Any material or financial assistance you can offer to help me achieve my goal of completing this project will be greatly appreciated. In the unlikely event that any funds remain after the project is finished, they will go directly to the recipient of the project (McAuliffe Middle School). I am trying to raise funds in as many ways as I can. I applied for a grant for $1,000 through Run Seal Beach on behalf of McAuliffe and received that check. I am doing a restaurant fundraiser where I will receive 20% of the money collected at The Habit in Rossmoor.

I also am collecting bottles and cans and recycling them in June and July from friends and neighbors. If you’d like to join your neighbors and donate your cans and bottles, please email me before July 25th at kcofsocal@icloud.com to arrange pick-up.

Additionally, I have requested donations and discounts from the stores and suppliers I am using. But I could really use your help as materials are expensive. For example, the bench the school chose was $556 and the Tipuana Tipu trees are $50 each and the shrubs are $12 each, the pavers under the bench are $750, etc.)

Please join me at the Habit on Wednesday, July 6 between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. and bring this flyer.  The Habit will contribute 20% of your purchase to my project fund.

Or you can email me directly, kcofsocal@icloud.com, to make a direct contribution to my project. Every dollar helps. Please and thank you.


Kyle Corbin
Rossmoor Resident

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