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E-Waste Disposal: Because It’s A Good Thing.

E-Waste is something we have been working on to come up with a good community solution for quite some time, and we’re always thinking about it.
You’d think it’s easy. But especially things like safely disposing of E-Waste and batteries, is not simple.
From CR&R:
Electronic waste (commonly referred to as E-waste) is classified as any old, discarded, or unwanted electronic or electrical products. Due to the amounts of chemicals in these items, they cannot be disposed of with your regular waste! E-waste cannot go in landfills because these chemicals can contaminate the surrounding soil, waterways, and air. It is important to dispose of your electronic waste properly!
E Waste | Ourrossmoor

First: E-Waste Batteries

It’s easy to overlook that those tiny little things that magically power our electronic devices could be so much trouble – but we take them very seriously. In the landfills, they can catch fire and cause additional problems by poisoning our water supplies (so keep them out of your trash bins) and when batteries are left laying around kids and pets can ingest them – another real big problem.
That’s why we pass out so many battery buckets, whenever we can (and let us know if you want more). Everyone asks what to do with their batteries, when the buckets are full 🙂.  Our best solution (so far) is to take them to places like Staples and the  Orange County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center (at Rainbow Environmental Services in Huntington Beach) who collect both batteries and e-waste.

Second: E-Waste Computers, Tablets & Electronics

We are referring to discarded electronic devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and appliances that have reached the end of their useful life. This category also includes components like batteries and circuit boards. E-waste is a growing concern due to its toxic components such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can harm both human health and the environment if not disposed of properly. Recycling and proper disposal of e-waste are crucial to mitigate its negative impacts and promote sustainable practices in the electronics industry.
Another great solution, that really works better for E-Waste items like computer monitors, small appliances, etc. is to give CR&R a call and arrange an E-Waste pick-up right from your home. Easy-peasey
A question that we do hear, especially at our Rossmoor Community Recycling events:
Why doesn’t OurRossmoor work to have a one-stop collection event for computer, electronics and batteries and E-waste?
Two primary reasons. First, some of our Rossmoor schools host E-Waste collection events as fundraisers (which is another great way to double-dip our fundraising abilities for our students.) and we don’t want to compete with our schools for funds. Keep your eyes open for the posted signs throughout the year for these events.
Second, you guessed it – regulations. Believe it or not, if a person or family has a bucket of batteries, they can drop them off at a location like Staples or the  Orange County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center (at Rainbow Environmental Services in Huntington Beach) for proper disposal. An d there’s no fees charged for the service.
If a group (or individual) collects the batteries from multiple households, then the collection is considered a commercial operation and as such are charged to properly dispose of the batteries.  So, the RHA simply can’t put a collection together.
We’ll let you know when we hear about upcoming collection events, too. We are working on a few good connections for area non-profits who refurb computers for those in need, please contact us if you want the scoop on those “Recycling” options.

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