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Drought Conditions Return To California

California Rivers Running At Historically Low Levels
Rivers Are Running At Historically Low Levels.

Less than five years after California’s last major drought ended, the Golden State is once again experiencing drought conditions. After two especially dry winters, the decreased river flows prompted Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a drought emergency for several California counties. What started with three counties has now expanded to encompass nearly one-third of the State.

However, unlike previous drought declarations, Newsom’s latest Executive Order is specifically targeted at areas of the State who are most vulnerable to drought conditions and has yet to extend to Southern California, where proactive measures and investments in water supply, infrastructure, and water conservation prepared the region to endure water supply challenges, particularly drought.

planning and investments by water providers in water recycling, water use efficiency, and groundwater storage, Orange County has benefited tremendously from the widespread adoption of water-smart behaviors by residents and businesses. Over the last several decades, Orange County water users have enthusiastically adopted lifestyle changes and taken advantage of water-smart technology to save over 17 billion gallons of water each year.  As a result, there is no need for water restrictions in Orange County at this time.

While there is no immediate need to restrict water use, it is still critical for residents and businesses to make every drop count. Reducing water use is the least costly method we have to extend our water supply reliability, drought or not.  Water-saving programs, incentives, and simple water-smart behavioral changes make it easy to reduce your water use. For more ways you can make a difference, visit the Metropolitan Water District site.

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