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Curb Address Repainting Project Complete

Thank you and shout out to Curb Bright Addressing for and TIm Major their speedy and professional work in our community.

Tim and his team completed repainting all 3400+ addresses here in Rossmoor with a few clean-up items on the 19th of May. He did a great job and was quick too.

RHA President Art Remnet caught up with Tim while he was out in the neighborhood and was able to get some pictures of Tim in action

We are frequently asked about how Tim makes the address markers reflective, so we asked him. And he was kind enough to share his trade secret with us.

Here’s what makes these little beads and Tim’s process meaningful:

1. You will appreciate the reflective quality – when headlights hit the paint, they become more visible – especially in rainy weather – trust me, we know (even after 3 years the reflective paint was a life-saver last winter while delivering Covid test kits.)

2.  Why is this blue shaker bottle important? And this is our favorite. Not every company is eco-conscious. When the glass beads are blown onto the surface as the paint is drying, they adhere to the “tackiness” of the quick-drying paint creating a reflective quality when hit with light. Further, the beads he uses are polished glass (sand) so if any don’t adhere to the paint and end up in the ocean, they are just sand.

This is also a significant reason that the RHA looks at everything,  which includes using a licensed contractor who follows all regulations when doing this type of work.

Tim and his crew have been painting our curbs since 2001 – a total of 11 times! Repeat business ALWAYS speaks volumes.

Rha President Art Remnet And Curb Address Painting Guru Tim Major In Rossmoor While Tim Was Completing The Recent Curb Address Painting Project
Tim Major Shows The Squeeze Container That He Uses To Blow The Polished Glass Beads Into The Wet Paint To Make The Address Markers Reflective
The Cart Tim Uses To Quickly Paint The Addresses

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