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CSD Traffic Committee Meeting 10-16

Oc Rossmoor Traffic Study 2023 | OurrossmoorThe Rossmoor CSD hosted a follow up Traffic Committee meeting to the September 12th meeting.

Wei Zhu reviewed the September meeting and then discussed the proposed plans for the three project areas: Montecito South, Bradbury Road, and Montecito North.

The presentation deck shown at this meeting appears to be the same deck as was used at the September 12th meeting. You can get a copy here.

The agenda packet for this meeting is available here

Enjoy the presentation

Or click here to watch it on YouTube



2 Responses

  1. I think part of the problem is having only 15 minutes to get your child to school. There is no adult supervision before that and the school doesn’t want to be liable. Families can only drop off 15 minutes before school starts. So you have people speeding and no parking spaces.

    1. Thanks for your observation Sandra

      This is a point that has not been brought up previously and is worth at least exploring with the school district. That said, even if the drop off window were to be expanded, would enough parents actually (be able to) take advantage of the lager window of time?

      Again, a great conversation to have and explore the options.

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