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Crime Concerns

Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch TeamThere has been an increase in Rossmoor burglaries, including from vehicles. According to victims, most of the items that were stolen were in plain view inside the car and included cameras, iPods, GPS units, laptop computers, cell phones, garage door openers, purses, and wallets.  Often car burglaries are crimes of opportunity–and you can help prevent these burglaries.  Here are eight things you can do:

  • LOCK YOUR VEHICLE and park in a well-lit area. More than 80% of thefts from cars in Rossmoor are from unlocked vehicles.
  • At home, if possible, park in your garage.  Second choice:  park on your driveway.  Third choice:  park on the street.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain view in your car, no matter where you park. Do not assume that simply locking your car doors is enough to deter a burglar.  It only takes a few seconds for a thief to smash your window and grab whatever is visible.
  • Take all valuables with you or place them in your trunk, preferably before reaching your destination.
  • Set the alarm if you have one installed.
  • Close and LOCK YOUR GARAGE DOOR when it’s not in use.
  • Install motion-sensing lights at all entrances to the house and garage.
  • Report any suspicious activity, persons, and vehicles that you see in your neighborhood or in area parking lots.

There has also been an increase in Rossmoor residential burglaries, most often associated with unlocked doors and open windows.  You can help prevent residential burglaries, too.  Here are several things you can do:

  • Close and LOCK all doors, including the garage door.
  • When leaving home do not leave windows open, not even a little.
  • Close and LOCK all windows.
  • Keep your home well lit at night.  Have lights on at night (timers are convenient).
  • Have motion sensor-activated lights at all entrances.
  • Close curtains when you leave.
  • Make your home appear occupied when you are out by leaving lights, TV, or radio on.
  • Remove valuables from places that can be seen from outside.
  • If you are going to be away for several days, let your neighbors know and arrange to have parcels picked up, newspaper delivery stopped or have your newspapers picked up daily. If you are going to be away on trash pick-up day, arrange for your trash containers to be taken in from the street.
  • Consider an alarm service or installing a motion activated audible alarm in the house
  • A more entertaining audible alarm is a small barking dog.  They make the burglars think twice and supply companionship as well.
  • Report all suspicious activity to the Sheriff.  Diligent homeowners can be the eyes and ears of the community and reporting such activity may stop crimes before they are committed.  Suspicious activity includes unfamiliar cars that have been parked for three or more days.

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