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County General Plan Update

This is a follow-up to our earlier post, announcing the County’s public review period for updating their General Plan, required by every county and municipality every 8 years.
Because of many changes to State law, this particular review had a lot of things to consider. In an effort to not confuse our residents, we purposefully kept our comments brief, yet the RHA President, Art Remnet reached out to our County Supervisor representative, Andrew Do to get answers on the few parts of the plan that could be pertinent to Rossmoor.
Basically, Art asked if the changes to the two land parcels that are either in Rossmoor (Rossmoor Village at Katella and Los Alamitos Blvd) and The Shops at Rossmoor property (in Seal Beach) would have any significant zoning changes that could affect our community in the future.
The Planning Commission’s public hearing was held yesterday. Here’s the resolution, affirming the recommended plan.  We expect that the Board of Supervisors will receive this resolution, and approve it as an agenda consent item soon.
All seems well in Rossmoor — to be expected. Thank you Supervisor Do for your assistance in pointing us in an excellent direction to untangle the complexities.

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