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Christmas Lights Celebration

Rossmoor'S 16Th Annual Christmas Lights Celebration
Rossmoor’S 16Th Annual Christmas Lights Celebration


Remember the Rossmoor homes that had Santa’s sleigh and reindeer flying over the street from one house to another?  Or the huge 15’ lighted Christmas tree that you could see across Rush Park?  Remember the luminaries that somehow stayed lit at the entrance of Rossmoor Way, or large palm trees on the corner that were wrapped with lights to the top?  Those were all great memories driving around during Christmas past in Rossmoor.

In 2007 we started to honor the homes that take the time to create these wonderful memories for all to share. The Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration has become an annual tradition. And the tradition continues to grow and form new memories.  Which homes and decorations will you remember from this year?

The Christmas Elves begin to descend upon Rossmoor shortly after Thanksgiving and leave a Winter Wonderland for all of us to enjoy (even though they keep forgetting the snow). So, keep your eye out for the more than 30 50 homes that jump in each year all over the Rossmoor Neighborhood.

Celebration Awards for 2023 here.

Past Celebrations

Take a look back over the past recognition award winners and get inspired. Perhaps, your home will join the list this year?



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