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Season of Lights Celebration – Trees For Troops

Trees For Troops 2023 From The Youth Center In Los Alamitos
Trees For Troops 2023 From The Youth Center In Los Alamitos

And the Season of Lights Celebration events keep coming!

Did you know that The Youth Center gives Christmas Trees to Military Families in need?
Yes,  they do. Every year. Last year they gave 35 trees away to our local military families. The Youth Center will proudly give Christmas Trees to military families in need. All they need to do is email fundraising@theyouthcenter.org and show proof of military status. Please share with any families that may be in need this year.
This is just another generous offer and community contribution form The Youth Center.
Everyone knows that the annual Youth Center Christmas Tree Lot at Ganahl Lumber has a double triple actually quadruple bang for its buck.
1. The Youth Center Christmas Tree lot has the best (and freshest trees), that
2. Raises funds that directly go to providing youth activities in our area, while
3. They provide ongoing paid and volunteer opportunities for our community youth to work earning part-time money and/or build resume-able job skills. This invaluable involvement provides community service involvement for strengthening job or college applications, by using their talents
4. as in-program activity facilitators, serving the youth in our area with after school and seasonal programming that builds, supports, and strengthens age-appropriate personal growth and development of participants. Whew – that’s a mouthful.
Thank you The Youth Center for all you do for our kids and our community!

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