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Camp Shark 2023

2023 Camp Shark From The Youth Center
2023 Camp Shark From The Youth Center

Not only is this one of the best deals in town but here are a few tips on ensuring your child has the BEST SUMMER EVER! (Sign up here)

  1. Register Early.
    Why? Best pricing & opportunities.
    While there is plenty of space available for camp, the field trips are designed to provide the best experiences and they do fill up. sign up early.
  2. Spread the word, and recruit some friends.
    Why? What are your best memories – doing fun things, or doing fun things with your friends? Your kids are this way too. They will talk about their summers in Rossmoor their entire lives. Give them great memories to talk about – the BEST memories.
  3. Remember The Youth Center with your philanthropic efforts – yes, Philanthropic.
    We often hear the word “donate.” But donating to #TheYouthCenter goes beyond that. Although The Youth Center has been around LONGER THAN ROSSMOOR, they are growing, and thru generous donations, they are raising money for its new digs.
Philanthropy refers to charitable acts or other good works that help others or society as a whole. BE A PART OF THE WHOLE.
Filling holes is needed when things aren’t whole. We in #OurRossmoor are a commUNITY that works together, helping our partners (and each other) get better, together – and it shows.
OurRossmoor joins and supports The Youth Center because they help make Rossmoor whole. We do more than cheer – we support and thank you for helping us do that, too.
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