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…But We Didn’t Know….??

For those who feel that “the County never tells us anything” — there’s this:
The County is updating their General Plan . This General Plan serves as a guiding document for long-term growth and development of the County’s unincorporated areas.
That means US in Rossmoor!
Please take this preliminary County Survey, sharing your thoughts about Rossmoor — and let yourself “color outside the lines.”
It’s easy to respond to these surveys from the checklists of “needs” that we hear about – fix traffic, make us safer, and so forth.
This endeavor is much bigger than that.
Really let yourself think about how you want to experience life in Rossmoor, moving forward – If money wasn’t an object, what would you want?
What is important to you? What isn’t? 
If you could change the things that you rank lower (or higher) in your answers — the county wants to know why – just a caution: don’t design the community, just sketch the feel.
Leave the “how” up to the planners – that’s why they get paid the big bucks, and it’s an 18 month exercise to develop a 15-20 year roadmap 🙂
The County is reaching out to us in this massive planning effort, identifying community values, and translating those values into a community vision.
Your opinion and input are greatly appreciated. Please complete one questionnaire per person.

The survey will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, March 15, 2024.

General Plan 2024 01 | Ourrossmoor

Why Is The Survey Important?

A successful General Plan will reflect the community’s vision and priorities, and for having your visions heard, Community input is needed to establish the long-term vision for our unincorporated area and to identify key issues and priorities, balancing the visions with past planning efforts and future needs (both for livability and to meet State and Federal mandates). 
Too often communities come onboard in the later stages of planning, yet for those who engage at this time, it can be really exciting. 
It’s also  important to share, when the ideas are freshly being “sketched out” because it is more easily adapted to the “personalities” of the communities it is being designed for.
How do you want Our Rossmoor to look and feel in 10 years?
The County of Orange General Plan was last comprehensively updated in the early 2010s. Over the last several years, the County of Orange has incrementally updated portions of its General Plan in response to land use changes which have occurred. In addition, in 2022, the County completed an update to its Housing and Land Use Elements.
As we mentioned earlier, this General Plan Update will take approximately two and a half years, starting in early-2024 and ending in mid-2026.
During the first 18 months, the team will evaluate existing conditions, identify and record community priorities, and draft the General Plan policy document.
During the second year, the team will evaluate the General Plan and prepare an environmental impact report (EIR) to analyze and address potential impacts associated with the Plan.

Be a dreamer, think into the future.

Possibilities start with ideas.

And as always, THANK YOU. 

4 Responses

  1. I love our Rossmoor community just as it is. No changes, no high density housing, no traffic turnabouts, etc.
    Leave our beautiful Rossmoor intact.

    1. Thanks Laurie.

      The County’s Master Plan will be updated as required. Please do take part in the survey so that your recommendations are included in the update.

  2. So if you’re going to update the master plan “as required”, you’re going to incorporate politics and policies we as residents do not want. This is not acceptable.

    1. This is the County’s plan and survey, not the Association’s.

      There does not seem to be any politics in the survey or the plan, just ideas that will help create the future for Rossmoor and other unincorporated areas in Orange County.

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