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Beskind & Halling Honored & Remembered

Rossmoor Walk &Amp;TalkThe Rossmoor Walk & Talk  program was the 2013 brainchild of the late Bernie Beskind. His vision was for a healthy and active Rossmoor community and believed that almost everyone living in Rossmoor could enjoy the health and emotional benefits of walking. Bernie also felt that making friends and socializing along the way was both  good for the Walkers AND for Rossmoor in general. So, Bernie did what he usually did and took action. He started promoting the Walk & Talk program wherever he went in and around Rossmoor. He came to the RHA to ask if we would sponsor this program and help him spread the word about it. And in 2014 this fun  neighborhood program was born. Bernie also spoke at RCSD meetings and local chamber of commerce events about the program.

Along the way, the program attracted long-time resident Herb Halling.  Herb enjoyed the outdoors and meeting new friends while walking around Rush Park. When Bernie could not longer join the Walkers & Talkers, Herb picked up the coordination efforts to help keep Rossmoor moving.

Herb recruited some of the regular Walkers & Talkers to send out reminder text messages to the group on specific days. After Herb’s passing in 2019, the regular Walkers & Talkers have continued on with the program. The group continued to expand in both numbers and days of the week that available for walking.

Well Deserved Recognition

Because of the dedication and care that established and carried on the Rossmoor Walk & Talk program, the Rossmoor Homeowners Association recognized both Bernie and Herb with a bronze plaque in early 2020. Joe Mendoza and the Rossmoor Community Services District were kind enough to mount the tribute plaque near the group’s gather in place at Rush Park in November 2020 after Covid related delays.

Rossmoor Walk &Amp; Talk Program – Recognizes Bernie Beskind &Amp; Herb Haling For Your Dedication To Keeping Rossmoor Moving
Rossmoor Walk &Amp; Talk Program – Recognizes Bernie Beskind &Amp; Herb Halling For Their Dedication To Keeping Rossmoor Moving

Dedication Plaque Revealed

Rossmoor Walk &Amp; Talk Program – Recognizes Bernie Beskind &Amp; Herb Haling For Your Dedication To Keeping Rossmoor Moving
Lois Beskind And Cindy Gothberg At The Plaque Reveal.

A number of the Walker & Talkers assembled along with Lois Beskind and Cindy Gothberg for the dedication of the plaque at Rush Park. The ceremony was brief as RHA Board member and avid Walker & Talker Frank Facey said a few words and thanked the RHA, and the RCSD General Manager Joe Mendoza for their support in getting the plaque and having it placed at the Walk & Talk meeting location.


Until the Covid pandemic cause the group to take a pause, the Walkers and Talkers were walking and talking each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:00 a.m. meeting near the playground and the flag pole at Rush Park. The Walkers & Talkers will be back at some point when it’s safe to do so. Until then, please get out and walk, stay active and be well.




Rossmoor Walk &Amp; Talk Program – Recognizes Bernie Beskind &Amp; Herb Haling For Your Dedication To Keeping Rossmoor Moving
Walker &Amp; Talker Frank Facey Reveals The Rossmoor Walk &Amp; Talk Recognition Plaque For
Bernie Beskind &Amp; Herb Halling At Rush Park In Rossmoor.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks to Frank for all his efforts to memorialize Bernie and Herb.
    Hopefully the group will start up again in the new year.
    Missing the group and Rossmoor.

  2. Yes, looking forward to a day when we can all “Walk & Talk” at Rush Park again! Missing the exercise of walking with friends and neighbors and sharing interesting conversations.

  3. Uncle Nard. You were always the one I turned to to talk. You had an incredible knack. I miss you. I love you.
    Sharon Beskind

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